Fleshgod Apocalypse Announces The “QuaranStream” Live Streaming Event Saturday 3/28/2020

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The Press Release:
Italian orchestral-death metal giants FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE were recently forced to postpone their North American tour due to travel restrictions implemented in response to the spread of COVID-19, “Coronavirus.” What was to be one of metal’s most anticipated spring tours, where the band was to be accompanied at shows by a classical string quartet for the first time ever, will now take place at a later date to be announced as plans are confirmed. To bring the live experience to fans worldwide, the band will partake in a live streaming event labeled “The QuaranStream” on Saturday, March 28th, 2020.


9am PT / 12 pm ET / 5pm CET: Fans can tune in to the Nuclear Blast Twitch and Nuclear Blast YouTube channels to watch a rebroadcast of the special show “An Evening In Perugia,” originally performed on September 22nd, 2018 at Afterlife Club in the band’s hometown of Perugia, Italy with a classical string quintet.

Make sure to click on ?SET REMINDER on the lower left side of the YouTube video.

10:10am PT / 1:10pm ET / 6:10pm CET: Francesco Paoli, Paolo Rossi and Francesco Ferrini will be live video chatting with fans on camera on the Nuclear Blast Twitch and Nuclear Blast YouTube channels.

Make sure to click on ?SET REMINDER on the lower left side of the YouTube video.

11:15am PT / 2:15pm ET / 7:15pm CET: Tune in to the Nuclear Blast Twitch channel to listen to the albums Veleno, King, Labyrinth and Agony.

FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE checks in with the following message:

“These are tough times for all touring bands so, if you want to support and give us a contribution, please have a look at the band’s official merch store. The band just released a brand new t-shirt design, “The Italian Strings,” donated by the amazing Travis Smith (Katatonia, Opeth) and REALPIMP. The design is exclusively available here. Thanks so much everyone for the huge support we’ve been receiving these days.”

*** end of transmission ***

PiercingMetal Thoughts: This is a great idea and one that we have seen in practice over the last few days as well. Over the last week, I’ve been watching “Live From The Living Room” clips from artists like Zebra’s Randy Jackson and even some local level friends who are just hoping to entertain anyone who feels like tuning in and escaping the monotony and daily political figurehead press conferences. I even did a quick “check in” clip for the readers of this website to see how everyone was doing and to spark up some chat for a few minutes. I might even make this a weekly endeavor since we really don’t know when our lives will be back to normal so please check that out HERE and tune in for more via our Social Networks since I’m going to be doing all that I can to keep your mind elsewhere. Closing up I wonder what you think about this livestream and if you will be watching. Chime in down below and let me know what you think. See you soon with more things to help you engage with your fellow Metalheads.

Official Websites:
Nuclear Blast: http://www.nuclearblast.com
Fleshgod Apocalypse: http://www.fleshgodapocalypse.com

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