Fleetwood Mac Co-Founding Guitarist Peter Green Has Died (1946-2020)

I’m saddened to continue our Saturday afternoon reporting with the news that Peter Green, legendary co-founder of the band Fleetwood Mac, has passed away. He was 73 years of age and a brief statement from his family is below.

original fleetwood mac

Family Statement:
“It is with great sadness that the family of Peter Green announce his death this weekend, peacefully in his sleep.”

* end of statement *

Speaking personally, my musical education on the works of Peter Green are very limited and quite honestly I know two of his most noted works from the bands that covered them and practically made them their own songs. I am speaking of “Black Magic Woman” which was done by Santana and “Green Manalishi” that was covered by the mighty Judas Priest. These are magnificent tunes and ones that should be rallied behind time and time again. In 1967 I can’t claim to listening to much Fleetwood Mac or any music unless it was a lullabye since I was two years old. I would get my education on the band from the “Rumors” album that my father owned and played as much as I played my KISS records. True story.

Historically speaking, Green left the band in 1967 and was replaced by Lindsey Buckingham (who is no longer in the still active group either as 2020 continues). There is a deep and rich musical history about Mr. Green on his Wikipedia entry and I encourage all of you to read it since its really interesting. I am going to poke around on Spotify and listen to some of his works in his memory and for those of you fans of the two most famed tracks, I’ve embedded them for your listening pleasure as well on Spotify. You should be able to click the player and enjoy them. They are not as different from the covers that happened years later if you can believe it.

Thank you Peter Green for your contributions to music. We wish you safe passage to the Great Beyond where so many other famed musicians await your contributions to new inspirations for that Great Gig In The Sky. The deepest of condolences to your family, friends and worldwide fanbase. May you Rest In Peace.

Official Artist Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Green_(musician)

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