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Flashback: New York Comic Con’s 2021 Photo Gallery Videos

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Back in October of 2021, PiercingMetal attended the famed mega-media event known as New York Comic Con and it would be the 11th year exploring the Javits Center as media. We had a blast and if you want to peruse the many narratives that were posted to the website click HERE to open a brand new tab in your browser. This announcement is to help laud the news coming from the ReedPOP folks about the 2022 event and to review all of our photos in a day by day presentation that I loaded onto our Official YouTube Channel. I hope you all enjoy the flashback to this fun-filled time.

Day One: As expected it begins here and since the world was a very different place at the time you’ll see where fans had to prove vaccination and the like before entering. Once that was done you were free to explore. Way back when, the Thursday session was half press day and half limited public access and now its all in all day.

Day Two: One Day Two I found myself getting more of my bearings and marking down who was not in attendance this time around. Many major exhibitors like DC Entertainment, Marvel Entertainment, Valiant, Dynamite, Image Comics and many more had opted to sit this one out. In there place were different things that were getting a mixed viewpoint from the masses.

Day Three: By Day Three I was hitting a little bit of everything. From the area known as The Block to the Main Expo floor to the Artist Alley and even the outdoor trench where numerous cosplayers all convene for shoots and the meetups. It was a loaded day for sure.

Day Four: The Sunday edition of NYCC is known as “Family Day” and that means a lot of the littler ones around. Over the past few years of coverage I use this day to finalize anything I was involved in so that means a little more in The Block, the Main Floor and Artist Alley. It was quite a crowded day.

Special Features: This clip premieres on 5/6.


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