Five Finger Death Punch @ Fillmore at Irving Plaza (10/23/2008)

“The Way Of The Fist” is an exciting Metal album from an equally exciting band called Five Finger Death Punch. The band has seen their own popularity rise over the last few months and was now bringing an energetic show to the Big Apple with special guest openers In This Moment and Bury Your Dead. We were on point to report on the performance and made sure to shoot a lot of photos for those fans of the live scene. To learn more about this gig just scroll past the logo below to see our narrative.

Logo - Five Finger Death Punch

Artist: Five Finger Death Punch
Venue: Fillmore NY (New York, NY)
Opener: In This Moment, Bury Your Dead
Date: 10/23/2008
Label: Firm Music

Five Finger Death Punch has been taking no prisoners with their debut CD “The Way Of The Fist’ since it was released and that is never a bad thing to find happening for a new band. The CD is an aggressive Heavy Metal recording with lots of great guitars, thundering drum patterns and easy to get into choruses. They were moving steadily along with the album but their appearance on the Family Values tour of 2007 with Korn, Evanescence, Trivium, Hellyeah and Flyleaf seemed to seal the deal in their rising popularity. Having missed that particular tour I was happy to be able to be a part of the action that was going on in NYC this evening. My night had already started out well since it was CMJ week and I had attended a gathering of the areas industry folks and was treated to some new live Metal and Hard Rock from both Autumn Black and Ionia. Of course, that is an entirely different report on the site, so look for that should you want the scoop about that part of the day. Now it was over to the Fillmore NY to see this high energy band that had wisely brought along those other rising stars of In This Moment along with them. The lead off band would be Bury Your Dead and here is how the night progressed.

Bury Your Dead: Well, when I considered the fact that I was not really sold on them a few months ago with their appearance on the Cavalera Conspiracy tour I opted to pass on them tonight and arrive just in time for In This Moment. Of course, Murphy’s Law would find me arriving to hear fans that were speaking about just how impressive the band was during the set. While I generally keep my standpoint until convinced otherwise, I had to admit that so much praise must amount to something and as result I shall pay better attention to them the next time. Now it was time for In This Moment to take the stage and I had to admit that I was happy to be seeing them once again.

In This Moment: I’ve really enjoyed what In This Moment does since the first time that I caught them as an opener for Kittie. Since that time I had seen them perform a couple of more times and with each show find the band coming more into their own as a unique force of Melodic Metal. Their newest CD is entitled “The Dream” and sadly before the show I had only briefly listened to it based on my just getting a copy the day before. Despite my preference to new material being able to hear it on the home stereo or music player before hearing it in the live sense I had to say that the folks of In This Moment did not disappoint me. Their new tunes are much more along the melodic vibe than being rather Metalcore which was going on with their first effort. Fronted by Maria Brink who sounds better and better with each time that I get to see her, the band was loaded with energy and wisely split the set tonight into what seemed to be two equal parts. Those who had not yet purchased the new CD would hear their favorites from the first record and those who had them both would find the full performance to their liking. This was a perfect show for a band like this to be a part of as the musical dynamic was very in synch as opposed to those gigs you attend where there is an overall feel of unevenness going on. After the show I would spend a little more time on their new album and really find myself liking it. The band took a brave step moving almost entirely away from the “core” aspect and into the “melodic” vibe, but this transition allows for catchier and more accessible material going forward. Now it was time for Five Finger Death Punch to break this place apart.

Five Finger Death Punch: According to some of the people I was talking to at the function I attended prior to my coming to this show, the band Five Finger Death Punch had been getting a lot of rotation on the college radio stations with songs like “The Bleeding” and given the fact that this kind of Metal will rarely make an appearance on the more “popular” stations of the region I take that as a very good thing. It’s nice to see such a deserving album get this kind of attention and I had only heard good things about the band in concert. By the time that they hit the stage the crowd was insanely ravenous and actually seemed a little more insane than some of the wilder Metal shows that I had been to. The band was certainly eating up this kind of attention and attacked the hungry fan base with their brand of Groove Metal which I had to say was rather thunderous in the live sense. The band is fronted by Ivan Moody who splits his vocals in to both growling screams and great melodic notes while the twin guitar attack of Zoltan Bathory and Darrell Roberts delivered ample amounts of shred-tastic riffs. It was my first time seeing Bathory perform on guitar but I had some background on Roberts who at one time was the guitarist for another favorite band of mine – W.A.S.P.

As the show went down the audience was literally a continual stream of crowd surfing and moshing bodies that did not stop since the opening tune of “Ashes”, one of my favorites in their repertoire and actually the albums opening track as well. The action was non-stop as the bands rhythm section held the groove through what I felt was a very short set list. They would play only ten tunes which outside of the one cover that they chose to do would be a large sampling of the debut album. My thoughts were that is this live appearance was not immediately sending you out to buy this recording that you were not at the same show that I was. The cover was a really interesting choice as well and came via the Bad Company classic tune “Bad Company”. The night culminated with the delivery of the bands signature tune “The Bleeding” and it was nothing less than explosive as they closed out the night in true Metal band fashion.

From this show I was convinced about the power of Five Finger Death Punch as they reach for the title of best up and coming band and I was clearly interested in seeing them once again. They will be recording new material over the coming months and one can only assume that if they follow in the path forged by their first album that it will be incredibly satisfying. I also really enjoyed seeing the In This Moment folks again and feel that they are another band who will continually be a surprise to their fans. This was one hell of a month for Metal and still had some awesome shows ahead with Unearth and The Misfits closing it out after the Yngwie Malmsteen show.

ITM Set list:
1. Intro
2. Prayers
3. All for You
4. Ashes
5. Violet Skies
6. Forever
7. Mechanical
8. Solo
9. Daddy’s Fallen Angel
10. Beautiful Tragedy

FFDP Set list:
1. Ashes
2. Salvation
3. Way Of The Fist
4. Devil’s Own
5. Fiction
6. White Knuckles
7. Bad Company
8. Never Enough
9. Meet The Monster
10. The Bleeding

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