First Official Look At Ryan Reynolds as “Deadpool”

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The Official Facebook Page for the “Deadpool Movie” posted the first official look at actor Ryan Reynolds in the costume and I just had to share it with you readers as soon as I had a moment to do so. Check it out.

Photo - Deadpool - Live Action

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Okay so this looks rather fantastic to me but I still cannot shake that performance as “Green Lantern” from a few years from my mind that Reynolds did. Maybe it was just a terrible film and not as much his fault. One has to hope that Reynolds will be able to not only handle this Wade Wilson, Merc With A Mouth character a lot better than Hal Jordan but also that the film itself is stronger in terms of plot, action and other characters that are involved. This will continue along in the live action “X-Men” universe that Fox has been delivering for the last few years. Remember this is NOT under Marvel Studios direction at all. I’ll remain hopeful and can honestly say that I am looking forward to this one a lot more than the also coming soon “Fantastic Four” reboot. The photo is a sort of an homage and parody of a Cosmopolitan Magazine photo of actor Burt Reynolds who posed nude on a bearskin rug more than four decades ago (yes that really happened). What do you readers think about this? Let’s discuss in the comments section below as all topical views shall be approved. Are you a fan of the character at all?

Keep apprised of the films developments via its Wiki entry which is linked below.

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