Infinity Resources “Tarzeena, Queen of Kong Island” [DVD]

Film Title: “Tarzeena, Queen of Kong Island”
Studio: Infinity Resources Inc.
Release Date: (DVD) 9/2/2008
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Erotic Comedy
Review Rating: 3/5

“Tarzeena, Queen of Kong Island” is a film that takes an adult-oriented comedic spin on the type of B-Movie serials along the lines of the ones that focused on Tarzan of the Apes , but as expected in films of this kind – the buff and burly jungle lord is instead a bikini-clad sex-sation.

The plot begins with an adventure team who head out into the deepest jungles in order to find Tarzeena and her simian associate and once she is found they are all pitted against the evil machinations of a sinister scientist. The expertise of jungle adventurer Jack Carver is put to the test against the knowledge of the land that Tarzeena and her gorilla sidekick possess and once Tobanga (the ape) is captured by the sinister Dr. Mortimer, they all put aside their differences and work together to save him. Tarzeena “convinces” one of the groups’ unlikely heroes to help her cause using the best methods available and I guess you already know what I am talking about.

Since this is one of those adult related comedy features I have to inform the readers that a healthy amount of sexual activity is going on between the cast of characters but don’t you fear as this is not really pornography but instead something that one might find “accidentally” while surfing some late night cable channels. The whole plot is rather thin and the dialogue rather juvenile and jokes corny but in the end this is amusing and to be brutally honest Ms. Nguyen is a stunner in and out of her jungle bikini. The film opens up with Christine taking a refreshing waterfall bath much to the appeal of the various jungle creatures who they pan back and forth to as “voyeurs” of the activity. You don’t see anything crucial on the young ladies in the film and when it comes to the guys it’s only bare bottoms and chests that you see – nothing more. For lack of a better description., I guess the best way to view these scenes is as being done with a slight burlesque view and offering more of a tease than a please.

So do the adventurers and the jungle queen manage to save Tobanga in time or does the evil Doctor move closer to his cruel goals, well that would be telling. It’s up to you to either rent this from your favorite online retailer or purchase a copy via the provided links or take your chances that late night channel surfing on the appropriate channels will have you finding just how this ended up playing out. This film is also titled “Tarzeena: Jiggle In The Jungle” in some areas.

Tarzeena – Christine Nguyen
Mandy – Nicole Sheridan
Ted – Alexandre Boisvert
Jack Carver – Evan Stone
Shana – Syren
Dr. Mortimer – Mike Gaglio
Jed Slater – Ed Polgardy
Tobanga – Himself

Official Film Wiki:,_Queen_of_Kong_Island

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