Film Review: “Gothkill” (Satanic Special Edition)

Title: “Gothkill” – Satanic Special Edition
Studio: MVD Video
Release Date: 6/2009
Genre: Horror/Comedy
Rating: 3/5

“Gothkill” is a tongue in cheek Horror film that features the incendiary expertise and acting debut of Flambeaux along with Mistress Juliya, Eve Blackwater and a host of other very visible fetish artisans from that mysterious underground community. Since its original release in 2006 the movie has become a bit of a cult favorite based on the casted players and the overall visibility that it gives that darker scene. I wasnt sure about exactly what to expect from the film but I did find it interesting that I immediately recognized the principal antagonist when he made his appearance on the screen.  While this happened a couple of years after the film was released, it seemed as though Flambeaux was once a contestant on the popular NBC television show “America’s Got Talent”.  Sadly, the talented firesmith failed to move onto the final round and I think that it was due to the fact that his act scared the bejesus out of David Hasselhoff and company. The act he did was rather intense and I could see this happening but it was probably not as frightening as a full concert from Mr. Hasselhoff but I digress.   The film was directed by JJ Connelly who makes his own debut with this release after working behind the scenes for a number of years.   Let’s talk a little bit about the film’s premise.

The story of “Gothkill” focuses on the medieval Catholic Priest and Inquisitor Nicholas Dread who during his daily tasks of torture and gaining confession from those accused of Witchcraft discovers that his elders are also killing innocents without regard. His pleas for this to cease fall on deaf ears and he himself is executed but not before cursing his Lord and making a pact with the devil. Now Dread can come back again and again and his quest is to build a kingdom of his own and become its sole ruler. He begins this mission in earnest and kills his own disciples and during one of his “deaths” finds himself realizing that the devil does not always keep his promises and so he returns yet again with a cruel vengeance on his mind. Without being a spoiler his next incarnation finds him entrenched amidst the Gothic Culture and dealing with many of their number who are preying on the innocent with their “Scorpion Club”.  As you might recall, this is something that really pissed him off in the first place and well, you can imagine what happens next.

People die, there is blood spilt in a number of insidious ways and the body count rises at every turn as Dread tries to build his kingdom of the damned. Does he succeed? Well, that would be telling and we sure don’t want this nasty character calling us out on his doings so we shall leave it to your own viewing investigation. For a horror film this will not so much terrify you as much as it will have you on the edge of your seat with some of the manner in which evil is disposed of and at various intervals we find the presence of the lovely former Fuse TV Metal lass, Mistress Juliya. Don’t blink or you’ll miss her because while she appears in the film the real main stars would be Flambeaux and Blackwater who get the most screen time. There is some cool Gothic Industrial and Dark Metal as the backing soundtrack that comes care of bands like Hate In The Box, Hung, and The Tombstone Brawlers.  Before catching this film I had only heard the name of HITB and they sound interesting, but I love what Hung does and hope that this film in some fashion helps the cause of Lyris Hung and her band mates.   The film while not rated, does have some adult language and slight nudity plus very vivid examples of bondage and fetish stuff so you might want to keep it away from those little ones.  Failure to do so might find them inquiring about getting fangs or special contacts of their own and whether or not this is a bad thing is entirely up to you…..

In the end this was an amusing way to spend a little over an hour and it is good enough to keep your interest without finding you rushing through scenes to get to the grand finale. You will have to find out for yourself if Dread gets his kingdom and I had to say that this will probably be an actively rented release for the Gothic sub-culture or even those who hate that kind and enjoy the premise of them being sliced and diced with reckless abandon. My hope is that we see Flambeaux doing something else like this that might focus more on his abilities with flame.

Special Features: “Gothkill” (original trailer), “Gothkill” (trailer 2009), “Blitzkrieg, Escape From Stalag 13”, “Bloody Ape” “Girls Of Gothkill”, “Flame On Flambeaux”, “Gothkill Live”, – Most of these special features segments are photo galleries which those who enjoyed the film should actually like quite a bit.

Readers who find this interesting are encouraged to purchase it via with the provided link above and also drop by the official movie website which we list for you below.

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