Festival Down: Wacken Open Air Festival 2020 Is Cancelled

wacken open air festival 2020

The Press Release:
Dear Metalheads,

yesterday, the German government decided that due to the Coronavirus pandemic, no mass gatherings will be allowed until August, 31st 2020. We are facing an unprecented situation in our 30 years: It is with heavy hearts that we have to announce that there will be no Wacken Open Air this year.

Our whole team has been working intensively on the festival these last months and the more all of us are bitterly disappointed that we are not allowed to celebrate a Wacken Open Air with you. This administrative order affects us heavily and we will need some time to process the bad news.

wacken open air festival

Nevertheless, we support the decision of the German government in this difficult situation for the whole world. Your health and safety have always been and always will be our top priority. We as promoters are therefore bound to take an even greater responsibility and have to follow the instructions of the experts.

Concerning Wacken Open Air 2021 and options for your already bought tickets we will reach out to you asap but ask for a little bit of patience whilst we work through this. We thank you for your trust during times which are unparalleled for all of us.

Stay healthy – In Metal We Trust!

Your W:O:A Team

*** end of transmission ***

PiercingMetal Thoughts: At this point I must admit that I am of the mind that 2020 belongs only to this Covid-19 Pandemic. I’ve never been to Wacken Open Air and always hoped to be there but logistically was too difficult to work it all out and bring you a story and images. That said, I guess I should say please stay tuned for the next cancellation update and by all means use good proper judgement when you need to be outside in the open and get back to your home quickly and safely. This really sucks and I cannot wait until the world returns to some sense of normalcy. You’re welcome to chime in with any thoughts down below.

Official Website: https://www.wacken.com/en/

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