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“Fear Inoculum” (Single) by Tool

Artist: Tool
Title: “Fear Inoculum” (Single)
Label: RCA Records
Release Date: 8/7/2019
Genre: Alt-Metal
Rating: 4.5/5

While we are only about 23 days away from the release of the first Tool album in 13 years, the music world was buzzing about the band based on their back catalog being made available on the popular digital platforms of the day for the first time ever. I discussed that monumental news HERE in case you missed it and this morning the world at large got their first taste of new Tool music with the single from the “Fear Inoculum” album and its title track. The number runs a good 10 plus minutes long and I’ll try to make some sense of it all for those fans of the band who are reading my narratives.

The track begins with an interesting Middle Eastern pattern of percussion and sitar before the full main band comes in and lays down this almost mesmerizing groove. Maynard is haunting across the track that speaks of rising above an evil presence in his world or self as a person. I admit that I’m guessing here of course but I did glance at the lyrics and this is partially what I am taking from them. Tool is the kind of band that brings a lot of mystery to the table and only Maynard truly knows what Maynard means. The playing is sound but I expected this based on the groups being such a fine tuned machine no matter how long it’s been since recording. Adam’s guitar solo comes in very late in the track while Chancellor and Carey are very “busy” with the rhythm section from the onset and I don’t mean this in the negative sense at all. It’s a fantastic busy which found me bopping my head and even hitting the occasional air drum in my invisible set up in the apartment. There are a lot of different layers to the track and I think it will win over both the ardent fan and the newbie.

Now I mentioned the track running past the 10 minutes mark and while this is the truth you don’t really feel this at all. When the number finished I found myself saying “oh wait, its over”. There is a level of thrall going on here and I cannot say that its because I had been counting the moments until new Tool music because they were never a band that I stuck with over the years. Sure I love what I love but I left the ardent fan vibe to those friends of mine who had more zeal for them. That being said, I love the track and cannot wait to hear the full album when it gets released. Who knows, perhaps I will even get out to a concert and see them again. I think its safe to say that good stuff is yet to come.

Track Listing:
1. Fear Inoculum

Official Website:

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