“Family Values Tour 2006” by Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: “Family Values Tour 2006”
Label: Firm Music
Release Date: 12/26/2006
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 3.5/5

Another concert that offers the fans of Metal and Hard Rock something to do is the Family Values Tour and in 2006 this event placed Nu-Metal titans Korn on the top billing. They had just successfully toured their latest album “See You On The Other Side” and with this show would bring with them some truly killer groups to make this a very memorable evening for all who attended. Other acts included Stone Sour, 10 Years, The Deftones, Flyleaf and Deadsy and each of them are presented on the CD. As I looked over the lineup I felt that this was a concert tour that answered the prayers of the angst-ridden youth of the day far better than something like Ozzfest would do since so many of these bands find this demographic among their core audience attendees. Stone Sour is one of the best inclusions on the release and features Corey Taylor and James Root of Slipknot. Together they perform music that is far different from what they did together in that band. Their 2nd album recently came out and is a solid listen as well as a recommendation.

There are also some good contributions from 10 Years and Dir En Grey who are each a rising star in the Metal/Rock world as well as music from veterans The Deftones; but sadly these groups only get two tracks from their set on the release. While you can begin to appreciate their styles and sound in the live sense from two songs, I fear this ends up as only a sampling of the actual event as a result. Obviously the headliner Korn receives the most songs on the release with five numbers but that is where I felt this should have been extended into a double disk set. If they had done this there would be a chance to increase the sales for these other bands. A companion DVD was released as well but this also has a limited number of tracks and makes these nice items to have but nothing more than teasers to the actual show. If they serve the purpose and get you interested in these bands then great or perhaps they will get you into the next tour as a member of the screaming masses. It’s a decent package but I always feel massive shows like this should be extended presentations to best absorb the event and what it gives you.

Track Listing:
1. Korn – “Right Now”
2. Korn – “Coming Undone”
3. Flyleaf – “I’m So Sick”
4. 10 Years – “Wasteland”
5. Stone Sour – “Through Glass”
6. Deftones – “My Own Summer”
7. Dir En Grey – “Merciless Cult”
8. Stone Sour – “Reborn”
9. 10 Years – “Waking Up”
10. Flyleaf – “Pride”
11. Dir En Grey – “Ryoujoku No Am”
12. Korn – “Shoots And Ladders”
13. Deftones – “Nosebleed”
14. Korn – “Freak On A Leash”
15. Korn – “Blind”
16. Deadsy – “Carrying Over”

Official Website: www.familyvalueslive.com
Official Web site: www.korn.com
Official Web site: www.stonesour.com

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