Falling In Reverse Announce “The End Is Here Tour” For 2017

Hey Fiends, so now that we got the first batch of new comic book posts out of the way, I can share this new poster about the upcoming tour by Falling In Reverse. Check it out.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: So I should stress that I didn’t notice any sort of “official” announcement release hitting my mailbox and with only the poster and lineup to chat about, I will let this poster do the talking when it comes to where the band is appearing. I think you can make out all of the stops from the graphic and I am saying this as someone who is starting to need glasses from all of the time I spend staring at the computer screen LOL. This is an interesting package and of them all I think that I have only caught Motionless In White in concert. I’m very interested in being a part of the gig when it hits NYC at the Hammerstein Ballroom. What do you readers think about this tour? Let me know in the comments section below.

Official Websites:
Falling In Reverse: http://www.fallinginreverse.com
Motionless In White: http://www.motionlessinwhite.net
Dangerkids: http://www.wearedangerkids.com/
Dead Girls Academy: https://www.facebook.com/DeadGirlsAcademy/
The End Is Here Tour: http://theendisheretour.com/

2 thoughts on “Falling In Reverse Announce “The End Is Here Tour” For 2017”

  1. Excuse me for a sec. I’m Charlie Doyle friend of Mike Kuza aka Kuza. Is there any way I can get the photo op pictures of the .. the end is here tour? I’m in the photo op and I lost the picture of me and Motionless in White and IDK what the link is that holds all the pictures.

    1. Hiya Charlie, gosh I don’t even know how to help you out on this as we are an online Metal and Pop Culture magazine and nothing that has a direct connection or affiliation to the band. I’d suggest hitting their Official Facebook Page and see if you can find your answer and that photo. Good luck and please feel free to enjoy this site and our social networks which are all listed on the “About” Page.

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