“Falling In Between Live” by Toto

Artist: Toto
Title: “Falling In Between Live”
Label: Eagle Records
Release Date: 8/27/2007
Genre: Rock
Rating: 4/5

You might not realize this but Toto is one of the most commercially successful bands that the last twenty five years have brought to the worlds attention and the impact and power of their biggest hits still sounds as strong as ever. The band was formed in the late 70’s by six of the most in demand studio musicians in the business (David Paich, Jeff Porcaro, David Hungate, Steve Lukather, Steve Porcaro and Bobby Kimball) and among them had logged literally thousands of hours of professional recording time. Their creative output was based on the overall talents of the individual members and not the results of some corporate board room team of writers and producers. The vast understanding of many different varieties of musical styles found their most acclaimed album “Toto IV” being released and delivering the juggernaut singles of “Rosanna” and “Africa”. These tunes alone received enough airplay back in their heyday to allow for anyone who wrote them to retire quite comfortably, but lucky for us they continued to record and tour as the years went on. As with many bands the lineup changes and members move on or even leave this plane of existence but no matter who replaced the performer before them, the level of quality and ability to deliver did not change. The album “Falling In Between” was the studio effort that this live release found the band touring in support of and for fans of the legendary group this is probably the closest thing that you will get to a live greatest hits recording. The current membership of the band is Steve Lukather (guitar/vocals), Simon Phillips (drums), Bobby Kimball (vocals), Greg Phillingranes (keyboards/vocals), Leland Sklar (bass) and Tony Spinner (guitar/vocals) and while this is only a few of the groups original core members the listener would be hard pressed to find much difference in the musical results presented. Each member is nothing less than a master of their instrument and we find this quite apparent on rocking numbers like “Hold The Line” (one of my very favorite tracks) and of course the staple radio classics “Africa” and “Rosanna”. They start “Rosanna” a little differently on the live release and it has more of a cool Jazz vibe kicking it off. While I enjoyed this I was happy when it kicked into gear in the fashion that I long admired in the tune.

The band also knocks out some of the heavier numbers in their catalog and shows their Progressive Rock end is also worthy of note with “Falling In Between”, “Kingdom Of Desire” and “Hydra” to name a few. Blues Rock fans will enjoy the overall depth and heaviness of “Gypsy Train” and if solos are your cup of tea then the ones delivered by Lukather, Phillips and Phillingraines should suit you just fine. There is a companion DVD release for this album and if its half as good as what we find presented here on the concert CD then that is a must have in my opinion. I am sure there are several extras delivered on it but since I have yet to see it I cannot comment further. If you grew up on this bands music and lost touch for awhile you will be happy to find out that little has changed and that they still remain to offer you solid and well thought out Rock music that is as tasty as ever. A full-color booklet is included that is absolutely loaded with images from the show.

Track Listing:
1. Falling In Between
2. King Of The World
3. Pamela
4. Bottom Of Your Soul
5. Caught In The Middle
6. Don’t Chain My Heart
7. Hold The Line
8. Stop Loving You
9. I’ll Be Over You
10. Cruel
11. Greg Solo
12. Rosanna
13. I’ll Supply The Love
14. Isolation
15. Gift Of Faith
16. Kingdom Of Desire
17. Luke Solo
18. Hydra
19. Simon Solo
20. Taint Your World
21. Gypsy Train
22. Africa
23. Drag Him To The Roof

Official Website: www.toto99.com

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