Fade To Black, Sir Christopher Lee Has Died (5/27/1922-6-11-2015)

Film fans of all interests are bowing their collective heads as the news that famed actor Sir Christopher Lee has passed away. He was 93 years of age and had recently celebrated his birthday.

Photo - Sir Christopher Lee

There are actors and then there are iconic actors. In the list of icons among these icons there is Christopher Lee. Born in 1922 as Christopher Frank Carandini Lee, he would begin a storied acting career in 1947 doing minor and background roles. He would eventually find his way to Hammer Films where he portrayed legendary monsters such as Frankensteins Monster, The Mummy, and of course Dracula; a role he would revisit no less than nine times over the course of a couple of decades. His presence was certainly an impacting one and while he did live to a ripe old age loaded with many, many adventures and memorable happenings, it is still sad to lose him to heart failure only a few weeks after his 93rd birthday.

There are too many details to line out about the level of talent that Sir Lee possessed and his accomplishments read like a laundry list of awesome achievements. For those who wish to sit and take some proper time reflecting on the man’s great history, I am deferring to his Wikipedia entry as its quite thorough. I suggest you get comfortable because you will be on that entry for awhile as you soak in all that he had done over his many years. Thank you Sir Christopher Lee for scaring the pajamas off of us when you portrayed “Dracula”, for making us wonder if good could triumph over such insidious evil in “Lord Of The Rings” and for giving us a lot of fun with your Heavy Metal adventures with Rhapsody and in Charlemagne along with the clever Christmas Carols you doled out. You were like no other and shall be greatly missed.

Official Wiki Entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christopher_Lee

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