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Exclusive Disney+ Marvel Studios Series Reveals @ D23 Fan Expo 2019

When Disney and Marvel Studios held their Hall H panel at the most recent Comic Con International: San Diego, we got a crop of Marvel films and television series and I not only shared the rundown but offered some Geek expertise on the batch which you can find HERE in case you didn’t see that. Now, as the morning coffee begins to do its trick, I am returning to a similar topic while the D23 Fan Expo takes place in Anaheim, CA as they announce some new shows that will exclusively air on the upcoming Disney+ service.

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Ms. Marvel: Though I am not the most dedicated reader of the “Ms. Marvel” monthly title from Marvel Comics, I do think the character is a good idea. For those who don’t know much about her, this Ms. Marvel is one Kamala Khan and is the first Muslim character with her own comic title under the publisher. She is more of an Inhuman than a mutant or one that deals with the Power Cosmic but since she is younger, it opens up a world of creative storylines ala “The Runaways”. This could be an interesting series.

Moon Knight: I think of these three reveals I am the most excited about “Moon Knight”. There was a lot of rumor and scuttlebutt that Moon Knight aka “The Fist Of Khonshu” would be a Netflix series but we all know that those shows have all been cancelled and now Marvel Studios is keeping everything close to home if they can. Who can blame them for this modus operandi when you see the kind of nonsense being dealt with from Sony and their control of the Spider-Man license. I still say that Disney needs to either purchase the rights back in full or trade them for something like “Avatar”. Here you go Sony, take “Avatar” and make as many films as you like but I am off tangent here. Moon Knight is pretty much the Marvel Comics version of Batman and he is generally a compelling character. I’ve enjoyed his stories for years and still have a number of his comics in long boxes in my storage unit.

She-Hulk: I’m definitely curious to see how they work out the She-Hulk whose first series and the one by John Byrne I greatly enjoyed. Hell, I even liked her when she was a member of the Fantastic Four because she was well written. I hope they keep true to the Jennifer Walters that is superhuman in power but still retains the intellect and personality of her lawyer side. Yeah she is a lawyer for those who didn’t know the character. This could be fun. Let’s see.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: As I’ve already shared my opinions on each one just above, I will keep this to a closer by asking you readers which of the three are you most psyched about. There is probably a lot more coming from D23 Fan Expo so I will also say “stay tuned” and “don’t touch that dial”. See you next time around.

Official Websites:
D23 Fan Expo: http://www.d23.com
Marvel: http://www.marvel.com
Disney: http://www.disney.com

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