“Es Wird Gefeiert”; Warlock’s “Triumph and Agony” Hits 30 (1987-2017)

Hails My Metal Legions, it’s time to “Heben Sie Ihre Faust” or as we say in English, “RAISE YOUR FIST” because today is the 30th Anniversary of the Warlock album “Triumph and Agony” which was released on this day care of Mercury Records. The album, while their fourth and final release, was probably the one that the fans of this type of music first learned of the band and their rocking leader – The Amazing Doro Pesch. The group was popular in their native Germany but back then it was very hard to break a band over in this part of the globe. We had Helloween of course, but even they didn’t come over here for touring all that much to my recollection. The album would feature a completely new lineup for the group and its signature, and most iconic track is the anthemic “All We Are”. I’ll go over some more about the tracks after reminding how like most of our toasts, this is a personal reflection more than its line by line analysis since that stuff has long been done on the albums Wikipedia entry.

Warlock’s new lineup consisted of Niko Arvanitis and Tommy Bolan on guitar, Tommy Henriksen on bass while Michael Eurich handled the drums. I found it interesting to learn that there were also three guest drummers on the release that included the late great Cozy Powell (a personal favorite player), Rich Richman and Sterling Campbell. The latter two I am unfamiliar with any work from across my Metal mainframe. Bolan and Henricksen would add an American Metal flair to the previously full German based band that was found delivering “True As Steel” (the preceding album). Some of the Metal fans that were more “in the know” about what was happening elsewhere in the world got into them care of that album but as I’ve said for the larger side its “Triumph and Agony” all the way. Though my copy of the original is a long unsolved mystery in terms of its location, I do have a copy of this on CD which allows me to blast it at maximum volume once more for its anniversary. I still enjoy the whole release, but like most albums there are some songs that I absolutely love from the session. Let’s take a look at the full track listing down below from the original album.

The Track List:
1. All We Are
2. Three Minute Warning
3. I Rule the Ruins
4. Kiss of Death
5. Make Time for Love
6. East Meets West
7. Touch of Evil
8. Metal Tango
9. Cold, Cold World
10. Für Immer

The aforementioned “All We Are” remains my most favored track and I think if you poll any Metalhead worth their salt nowadays, they will likely cite this as the first tune that they know from the band as well. From there I lean to “I Rule The Ruins” and “East Meets West” as winners and most played and then onto “Metal Tango” and “Fur Immer”. As I’ve said, I don’t have any issue with the full album but these are the ones that I will play again and again when I find myself playing it. Warlock pretty much ceased to exist as a band after this album and Doro would embark on a very busy solo career. I should note that she would deliver a healthy majority of Warlock back catalog material as a part of her concert sets. In today’s music scene, Doro’s band consists of Nick Douglas, Bas Maas, Luca Princiotta, Harrison Young and Johnny Dee. In honor of this albums anniversary, Doro will be doing a brief US tour and delivering it in full along with other selections from her storied past. They are hitting our Times Square staple B.B. King Blues Club in the coming days and I am going to be there with bells on. If you are someone who hasn’t seen Doro in concert yet, make sure that you do before she decides to retire. Of course, I don’t really see that happening any time soon. She has more energy on the stage than artists who are less than half her age. We announced the tour right here on the website back in May on THIS LINK.

Since I am not sure if you’ve seen the video that I cited at the beginning, I am embedding it below for you. Thinking back, I recall that I was in my early twenties when I stayed up late to watch the MTV “Headbangers Ball” and caught that video with the ominous evil figure at the beginning as he froze time and allowed the band to set up their equipment on the highways of I guess Los Angeles. So began how the classic clip for “All We Are” would begin and when Doro Pesch first appeared it was awesome. Like most Metal dudes of the day, this was the clip that found us all pledging our eternal service to Doro’s Metal cause. Could you blame us? I don’t say this in a sexist manner at all – we had found our Metal Queen and would gladly serve under her command. I know that’s corny but you’ll have to indulge me since I’ve just finalized a whole bunch of comic book posts so my creative edge is more colorful. I still love this clip to this very day.

Happy Anniversary Doro or as you would say in your native German “Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Jubiläum” – Congratulations on this Music Milestone for “Triumph and Agony”. It’s great to find you still out there delivering the Metal goods instead of sitting back and reflecting on it. Actions speak louder than words – Especially when it comes to Heavy Metal Music. Auf Wiedersehen.

Official Website: http://doropesch.com/
Official Album Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triumph_and_Agony

Though the album has not been given a proper remaster and expanded edition for the anniversary, you can still order a copy on the cheap via the Amazon.com link below.

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