EMP Label Group Signs The Killer Dwarfs

The other day the folks over at EMP Label Group unveiled their plans about an “Outlaw Country” imprint and this followed the news about the long hoped for return of “Combat Records”; Clearly they are aiming to keep the Metal hungers fed as this news about the signing of the Killer Dwarfs outlines. Check it out.

The Press Release:
Canadian Metal favorites KiLLeR DWaRfS have signed to EMP LABEL GROUP, who are set to release the band’s long awaited live set LIVE, NO GUFF in stores April 13th. 2018 will also see EMP reissues of the band’s recent catalog, including the independently released [email protected], the band’s previously unreleased studio album from 1993, and WIRELESS, the solo acoustic release from vocalist RUSS DWARF. EMP will also release a 2019 new studio album from Killer Dwarfs, and a new studio album from RUSS DWARF.

Recorded live in November 2016 in various exotic Northern locales including Ottawa, Vancouver, Toronto, and Whitehorse Yukon, Canada, LIVE, NO GUFF is a collection of the Dwarfs at their vertically challenged finest, powering through blistering performances of 3 decades of classic tracks including “Stand Tall”, “Keep The Spirit Alive”, “Dirty Weapons”, “Heavy Mental Breakdown”, and more.

1. Comin’ Through
2. Hard Luck Town
3. Tell Me Please
4. Driftin’ Back |
5. Union of Pride
6. Doesn’t Matter
7. Can’t Lose
8. Start @ One
9. Burn It Down
10. Stand Tall
11. Keep The Spirit Alive
12. Dirty Weapons
13. Heavy Mental Breakdown

Check out a NO GUFF TEASER VIDEO at the following location: https://youtu.be/CG44Oty9Rl8

Formed in Oshawa, Ontario in 1981, Killer Dwarfs released their debut album in 1983, followed by their classic releases STAND TALL, BIG DEAL, and DIRTY WEAPONS, which earned the band a massive following for their style of NWOBHM inspired Hard Rock, and tongue in cheek humor, which is nowhere more evident than in their videos. Iconic clips for “Stand Tall”, “We Stand Alone”, “Keep The Spirit Alive”, and “Dirty Weapons” made frequent appearances on national video outlets like MTV, HEADBANGER’S BALL, MUCHMUSIC, and more, helping the Dwarfs sell over 2 million records, and tour the World in arenas and stadiums supporting artists like Iron Maiden.

The band parted ways in the early 90s, and reformed briefly in 2001, before another hiatus that would last over another decade. In 2013 the band reformed and independently released [email protected], their final unreleased 1993 studio album, and began full time touring across the US and Canada. The Dwarfs were back. And this time to stay.

EMP’s Thom Hazaert says, “It came down to a lengthy bidding war between EMP, Monster Records Musik, and Conglomerate Records, and thankfully we came out on top. So we opened Russ’ crate, I held him down while David cut his finger open, and the deal was done. Now we own these guys for the rest of their natural born lives, or at least until the end of 2022. Whichever comes first.”

He adds, “But really no. I was talking to uber Canadian journalist Mitch Lafon one day, and we got to talking about KILLER DWARFS, and he knew them (of course, he’s from Canada), and I asked about their current whereabouts. He put me in touch with Russ and the rest is history. I personally love the Dwarfs and think they were one of the great underrated Metal bands of the 80’s, and they are honestly still just as awesome today. We are super excited to own their asses for the next decade. JK. Now, back in the crate.”

Disclaimer: No Dwarfs were harmed in the making of this Press Release.

*** end of transmission ***

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I feel as though I’m dating myself by saying this but I am pretty sure that the first place that I ever learned about the Killer Dwarfs was on the “U68 Power Hour” – It was such a long time ago that you other “Elders of the Metal Way” might need to remind me but either way, despite really enjoying the sounds that they were making and the videos that they were presenting, I never got to see them play. I did go to the legendary L’Amour’s quite often back in the day but I don’t recall them playing there much if at – but again I could be wrong here. With all of this being said, I am excited for this new opportunity and the chance to enjoy the band in the here and now. The EMP Label Group is really up to some great things and I think that they are going to continue to surprise us going forward. Where you a fan of the band at any time? Are you excited about this news? If so chime in down below in the comments section.

Official Websites:
EMP Label Group: http://www.Emplabelgroup.com
Killer Dwarfs: http://www.killerdwarfsband.com
Russ Dwarf: http://www.russdwarf.com

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  1. Great news for the Killer Dwarfs! I hope to see them more on the road. I too discovered them on U68 along with many other great bands andL’amour. Thank God for that channel. I’ve seen the Killer Dwarfs this past year and they still kick ass!

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