Elvis Costello Announces “100 Songs and More” NYC Residency for 2023

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The Press Release:
Elvis Costello Sets “100 Songs and More” Ten Night Run at Gramercy Theatre in NYC, Feb 9 to 22 Presented By Citi®. “Each night will tell a different tale.” – Elvis Costello has announced “100 Songs and More,” a ten-night run at the Gramercy Theatre in New York City between Feb 9 and Feb 22, 2023 Presented By Citi®.

Costello will perform a completely different set each night, the first five nights solo and the following nights with his longtime pianist Steve Nieve, ultimately playing more than 200 different songs picked from his vast 600+ song catalog and other favorites.

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Citi is the official card of the Elvis Costello residency. Citi cardmembers will have access to presale tickets beginning Tuesday, September 20th at 10AM local time until Thursday, September 22 at 10PM local time through the Citi Entertainment program. For complete presale details visit www.citientertainment.com.

Tickets will go on sale on September 23. More details below.

Costello writes:

“For ten nights at the Gramercy Theatre, I’ll name ten songs to set the scene. I’ll play those ten and then ten more. Shake off the old routine

Each night will tell a different tale. So come to one or come to all. “100 Songs” is what I promise, But twice that number is quite a haul

I will start this stand alone, that’s fine. Nights One to Five, the Feast Day of St. Valentine. Steve Nieve will join me for Nights Six, Seven, Eight & Nine. But what else may happen is a secret of mine. Let’s just set up the chair or two and play. In case some friends turn up along the way”

Apart from a printed program of ten songs per night, Costello will select a number of other tunes to be played impromptu, completing each performance without repeating any songs from the printed program over the ten-night stand, although it’s safe to assume that a couple of well-known tunes may serve as an encore.

“100 Songs and More” Dates and Programme

Thursday, Feb. 9th – Elvis Costello Solo – Night One
1. Welcome To The Working Week
2. Hoover Factory
3. Red Shoes
4. Stranger In The House
5. Poison Moon
6. Wave A White Flag
7. Radio Sweetheart
8. Mystery Dance
9. Cheap Reward
10. Alison

And At Least Ten More!

Friday, Feb. 10th – Elvis Costello Solo – Night Two
1. Jack Of All Parades
2. Watch Your Step
3. Home Is Anywhere You Hang Your Head
4. New Amsterdam
5. Battered Old Bird
6. Last Boat Leaving
7. Little Palaces
8. Red Cotton
9. Sulphur To Sugarcane
10. Sleep Of The Just

And At Least Ten More!

Saturday, Feb. 11th – Elvis Costello Solo – Night Three
1. Complicated Shadows
2. Less Than Zero
3. The River In Reverse
4. Bullets For The New-Born King
5. We Are All Cowards Now
6. She’s Pulling Out The Pin
7. Stations Of The Cross
8. Brilliant Mistake
9. The Scarlet Tide
10. That Day Is Done

And At Least Ten More!

Monday, Feb. 13th – Elvis Costello Solo – Night Four
1. 45
2. Stella Hurt
3. Black & White World
4. Ghost Train
5. Church Underground
6. God’s Comic
7. Suit Of Lights
8. Jimmie Standing In The Rain
9. Dr. Watson, I Presume
10. I Want To Vanish

And At Least Ten More!

Tuesday, Feb. 14th – Elvis Costello Solo – Night Five
1. I Hope You’re Happy Now
2. Starting To Come To Me
3. Blue Chair
4. Dishonour The Stars
5. Toledo
6. High Fidelity
7. Stripping Paper
8. Riot Act
9. Beyond Belief
10. Indoor Fireworks

And At Least Ten More!

Thursday, Feb 16th – Elvis Costello with Steve Nieve – Night Six
1. Accidents Will Happen
2. Just A Memory
3. Suspect My Tears
4. The Loved Ones
5. Motel Matches
6. All Grown Up
7. Long Honeymoon
8. You Shouldn’t Look At Me That Way
9. Veronica
10. God Give Me Strength

And At Least Ten More!

Friday, Feb. 17th – Elvis Costello with Steve Nieve – Night Seven
1. Shot With His Own Gun
2. Still
3. When I Was Cruel No.2
4. The Whirlwind
5. Isabelle In Tears
6. Town Cryer
7. I’ll Wear It Proudly
8. The Comedians
9. My Dark Life
10. This House Is Empty Now

And At Least Ten More!

Sunday, Feb. 19th – Elvis Costello with Steve Nieve – Night Eight
1. Talking In The Dark
2. London’s Brilliant Parade
3. I’m In The Mood Again
4. So Like Candy
5. He’s Given Me Things
6. Almost Blue
7. I Still Have That Other Girl
8. Favorite Hour
9. April 5th.
10. The Birds Will Still Be Singing

And At Least Ten More!

Monday, Feb. 20th – Elvis Costello with Steve Nieve – Night Nine
1. In The Darkest Place
2. All This Useless Beauty
3. Hey Clock-face
4. You’ll Never Be A Man
5. The Last Confession Of Vivian Whip
6. Country Darkness
7. Deep Dark Truthful Mirror
8. Shipbuilding
9. All The Rage
10. Couldn’t Call It Unexpected No.4

And At Least Ten More!

Wednesday, Feb. 22nd – Finale – Night Ten
1. Radio Radio
2. Greenshirt
3. Hetty O’Hara Confidential
4. Everyday I Write The Book
5. The Boy Named If
6. Lipstick Vogue
7. Watching The Detectives
8. What If I Can’t Give You Anything But Love?
9. Man Out Of Time
10. I Want You

And At Least Ten More!

Tickets will go on sale on September 23. A limited number of VIP Tickets, which include access to all 10 shows, VIP Deck Seating, entry to VIP Bar, a limited edition signed poster and over $200 in service fee savings will be available in addition to single show tickets. For tickets and more information, visit https://shops.ticketmasterpartners.com/elvis-costello-nyc (linked below)

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: This sounds super interesting and before I get into some editorial I should say that I was a great fan of Costello’s earliest works. Albums like “My Aim Is True” and knock you out rockers such as “Olivers Army” and “Peace Love and Understanding” with his backing band The Attractions were all over the radio of my youthful years so I liked it. This is going to be a fascinating career-encompassing study for sure and I am thinking that many of his fans will be attending on numerous nights. Having this at the Gramercy Theatre will be nice but I think that Irving Plaza might have been the better option to allow for more people to be in attendance. Historically speaking I’ve never seen Elvis in concert and since its pretty far away in terms of time I am not sure that I will be getting to one of these shows just yet but I would like to catch at least one of them. Though I realize this isn’t a Metal or Hard Rock listing, I wanted to add it here since we’ve gone so far beyond just being a “Metal Site” after all these years. Believe it or not, next year this little home on the web will be eighteen so make sure you are on all of our networks to help support the engine. Closing up I wonder what you readers think about this kind of residency. Were you ever a fan of Elvis Costello or are you one of the newbies to his music? Chime in down below with your thoughts and know what I will be adding these dates into our handy dandy events calendar ASAP. See you next time my friends, thanks for reading. Please keep safe out there. Right now I am getting myself psyched for the New York Comic Con because there is always a lot to share from that major event. OKay I am done. Ciao.

Official: http://www.elviscostello.com

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