“Elegy” by Leaves’ Eyes

Artist: Leaves Eyes
Title: “Elegy” EP
Label: Napalm Records
Release Date: 6/28/2005
Genre: Atmospheric/Gothic Metal
Rating: 7/10

The music of Leaves’ Eyes is easily something that will draw you into a new world of musical enjoyment from the first time that you listen to them. This great mixture of Atmospheric and Gothic Metal is not only heavy at points but sets an incredible mood that builds up and down as you listen to the albums. At present the group only has two other releases in “Lovelorn” and “The Vinland Saga” (each reviewed elsewhere on these pages) and this EP that focuses on the single “Elegy”. Besides the edited single for the track and full album version the group brings you a worthy EP by including 3 non-album tracks and a demo for “Solemn Sea”. I love the “Elegy” track as it is very “radio friendly” and should bring the group a nice audience for those who get to hear it. Showcasing Liv Kristine Krull’s angelic voice; the fans she has held from her days with Theatre Of Tragedy will enjoy the more melodic heaviness of this band as opposed to the straight Gothic edge of her previous work. I did not notice much of a difference in the demo of “Solemn Sea” as opposed to the album track other than it being a lesser production.

“Senses Capture” is perhaps the best of the non-album tracks and as you listen to it you will be disappointed in its omission from the release. “Winter’s Poem” is also a nice one, but you are not missing much in “Mot Fjerne Land” as it is just a light harmony with apparent Viking noises in the background. It might have worked best within the context of “The Vinland Saga” since that is the nature of the album story. Reviewing these added tracks against the full album made me wish they had just extended the release a little bit to fit these in where they would match best. If this is your first reference to the band you should totally look into them. I mentioned in other reviews how fans of Nightwish and bands of this nature might find some appeal to them and I stand on this fact still.

Track Listing:
1. Elegy – single version
2. Senses Capture
3. Winter’s Poem
4. Solemn Sea – demo
5. Mot Fjerne Land
6. Elegy – album version

Official Website: http://www.leaveseyes.com/

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