“Egypt Central” by Egypt Central

Artist: Egypt Central
Title: “Egypt Central”
Label: Fat Lady Records
Release Date: 1/15/2008
Genre: Alt-Metal
Rating: 3.5/5

When I started spinning this one I was finding myself immediately drawing some comparison to the riffing and vocals to that of Linkin Park and while it’s never bad to compare a band to someone you have already heard at first listen, I decided to give it another go to see if they were able to stand strong on their own in my mind. I was glad that I did this because while this was my initial impression and albeit it somewhat true the material that the guys in Egypt Central were doing really seemed to be rather good. It starts off with “Different” and while there is some common ground being laid down to that of LP, there is not much on the electronic effects element being done. The bands debut single was “You Make Me Sick” and we find John Falls (singer) mixing it up vocally by blending his anguished screaming with a fairly good melodic register. “Over And Under” came off to me as a song with potential radio accessibility for while still possessing a heavy groove there is a catchy chorus that could find an audience remembering it easily.

Their singer says that “life is what you make of it” and this true life philosophy finds the band releasing an honest album that paints a vivid photo of some of the hardships they had experienced during the course of their lives. Originally, this album was supposed to come out care of Lava Records, but the band was dropped shortly after their signing and it two more years to surface on Fat Lady Music. They’ve still managed to keep a positive head on their shoulders and had two songs in movies with “Over And Under” being in “The Condemned” while “Taking You Down” was in “The Cave”. They’ve appeared on the second stage of Ozzfest and managed to make quite a buzz for themselves as an unsigned band with a lot of promise. The band is rounded out by Chris D’Abaldo (guitar), Heath Hindman (guitar), Joey Chicago (bass) and Blake Allison (drums) and should really find some appeal in those listeners who dig into what bands like Korn and Sevendust are doing for the Nu-Metal genre. One of my own favorites was “Walls Of Innocence” because of the peaks and valleys in its melody and “Locked And Caged” because of the heavy bass groove that I found so appealing. The guys surprised me with the albums closer, for instead of blasting me into the next room they chose to finish up the album with a nice acoustic number called “Home”. Having seen many bands of this type come and go I can safely say that Egypt Central offers the listener a little more depth than some of their peers. To me there was a lot more going on in terms of the musicality and the song writing with this one. If you like your Melodic Alternative Metal to mean something then give these guys a chance. I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Track Listing:
1. Different
2. You Make Me Sick
3. Over AndUnder
4. Taking You Down
5. Leap Of Faith
6. The Way
7. Push Away
8. Walls Of Innocence
9. Locked And Caged
10. Just Another Lie
11. Home

Official Website: http://www.egyptcentral.net

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