“Eclipse” by Amorphis

Artist: Amorphis
Title: “Eclipse”
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Release Date: 3/21/2006
Genre: Progressive Hard Rock/Metal
Rating: 8.5/10

Following no set trend, Amorphis continues to morph musically and has given their fans “Eclipse”. It’s a great follow up to their last album “Far From The Sun”, which was received with mixed opinion by many due to its failure to follow a certain expectation the fans had. “Far From The Sun” was a drastic change in direction and there was no blazing Metal across the piece; instead, it was loaded with solid and Doom-laden riffs. It had a certain appeal and showed a level of growth based on their influential status as a band. Those that chose to pass on it missed out, as there were some great numbers on the record. With “Eclipse”, Amorphis have expanded the realms explored by this release and have given us an even wilder ride this time around. The band continues to progress into a level of psychedelic Metal, it would seem, with some trippy riffs and solid keyboard work. There is also a return to the heavier aspect as singer Tomi Joutsen sings not only in a melodic clean style, but delivers levels of darkness by mixing Black growls in as well. I think Joutsen has turned out to be a smart choice as replacement for singer Pasi Koskinen; and this could not have been easy, for not only was he in the band for nine years, but also had a strong fan following. The rest of the band remains the same with Esa Holopainen (guitar), Tomi Koivusaari (guitar), Santeri Kallio (keyboards), Niclas Etelävuori (bass), and Jan Rechberger (drums). The group plays some great music and it’s diverse enough to extend the band’s reach ever further.

The album totally rocks from start to finish and with songs like “House Of Sleep” and “Same Flesh” the fans that enjoyed the last album will continue to grow in number. The heavier tracks like “Leaves Sear” and “Perkele” will sate the appetites of those that longed for this side of the band to return. However, despite the heavy there is a lot more going on in these songs. “Eclipse” proves that bands can change style and dig deeper into the array of colors that music offers them the ability to. There is no longer a need to stick to one format and those bands that have chosen this path of continued change offer their fans the chance to come with them as new worlds are reached. Exceed your own limits and explore with Amorphis you will find that it’s a trip worth taking.

Track Listing:
1. Two Moons
2. House Of Sleep
3. Leaves Sear
4. Born From Fire
5. Under A Soil and Black Stone
6. Perkele (The God Of Fire)
7. The Smoke
8. Same Flesh
9. Brother Moon
10. Empty Opening
11. Stone Woman

Official Web site: www.Amorphis.net

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