“Earache Summer Sampler 2010” by Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: “Earache Summer Sampler 2010”
Label: Earache Records
Release Date: 6/29/2010
Genre: Heavy Metal/Thrash/Grindcore
Rating: 3.75/5

If Metal is your business, then business is good or at least a whole lot better thanks to the folks over at Earache Records who are delivering this incendiary sampler of their latest bands and releases. You’ve likely been long aware of this label as they have been the herald of the underground scene for more years than I can count and at one time delivered the likes of Decapitated, Napalm Death, and even Carcass. This is a sampler that is meant to be played at critical volumes and by that I mean one that makes your neighbors fear your listening routine just a little more than they might already do. Scanning around the presentations we find Evile from the United Kingdom and a band I have seen a number of times. They are champions of the old sound but have a modern twist to them, and those dudes in White Wizzard make you feel as though you rolled back into the eighties in a good way. Conventional Thrash comes through with shining colors thanks to Bonded By Blood and Gama Bomb and while one band cites recollections of Exodus the latter band reminds of classic era Overkill in some sense. Melodic Death Metal is delivered to perfection by Order Of Ennead and one should expect this given its the side-project of members of Deicide and rising star shredder John Li. There is some molten heaviness care of Grind Core Singaporeans Wormrot and we get two songs from them. Don’t take a deep breath as its likely to be longer than the tunes provided and the rest you shall just have to learn about on your own.

My favorites came via Cauldron, Order of Ennead and White Wizzard since that is where my Metal frame of mind is currently at but there is really something for everyone on this one among these twelve tasty tracks. The greatest thing about this sampler in addition to its being free is that it clearly reminds you of how deep the underground of Metal goes and just how strong its denizens are. The conventional and boring Hard Rock and Metal talent around us need to be wary of any of these bands as they claw through the pavement to reach you and show you just how much intensity they deliver for your hard earned dollar. Sink your teeth into that my fiends.

Track Listing:
1. Venomspitter – And Hell Followed With
2. Infected Nation – Evile
3. District Of Misery – Oceano
4. Over The Top – White Wizzard
5. Prototype: Death Machine – Bonded By Blood
6. Chained Up In Chains – Cauldron
7. The Concept Of Our Extinction – Order Of Ennead
8. Slam Anthem – Gama Bomb
9. Born Stupid – Wormrot
10. Indonesia – Wormrot
11. Human Dust – Annotations Of An Autopsy
12. The Light, The Hate – Blood Red Throne

Official Website: http://www.earache.com

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