“Earache 1986-2000: Immortalised” by Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: “Earache 1986-2000: Immortalised”
Label: Earache Records
Release Date: 6/10/2008
Genre: Extreme Metal
Rating: 2.5/5

Well, if you have enjoyed your copy of “Earache My Eye” over the last few months and were hoping that another one of their earlier releases would see the light of day have I got some news for you. Earache Records has returned with “Earache 1986-2000: Immortalised”, a film that was originally released in 2000 and one that featured the labels powerful roster from those years. This DVD has a few more tracks than the last one we examined and leaves the viewer hurting from the head banging as it delivers some Napalm Death, Vader, Carcass and Bolt Thrower but wait a minute…..there are several tracks or films that also appeared on “Earache My Eye” and this rather troubled me, since I would have enjoyed entirely new content. It doesn’t feature all of those tracks but does repeat on Cathedral, At The Gates, Sleep and Entombed among a choice few others. While I know that this is a direct VHS to DVD version with some additional features, I am still not sure why they didn’t put all of them together in a massive boxed set with a decent booklet that covers the bands years on the label. There is no booklet in this release, but the bonus features do include liner notes and band discography and biographies for you to read on the screen. Hopefully you have a decent sized screen to do it on because I hate having to read screens on a smaller television.

I like these releases because they bring you back in time and often remind you not only of the powerful giants from the labels history, but also about some of those bands who you might have been all that aware of. On the other hand I also often find that they leave me wanting more and that was what prompted my big boxed set comment above. The bottom line is that most of these videos are unavailable anywhere else so if you are one of those Metal heads who considers themselves a historian of the genre and its growth over time then this is a must have edition for your library. I figure that it will help you make stronger arguments against those friends who always seem to be the answer man when it comes to such debate. Highlights include the video from Carcass and even though it was on the other volume, it was cool to watch At The Gates again. Oddly enough both of these legendary bands have reunited in 2008 and are planning tours to once again show their fans what they were made of.

Track Listing:
1. Morbid Angel – God Of Emptiness
2. Cathedral – Hopkins (Witchfinder General)
3. Napalm Death – Breed To Breathe
4. Carcass – Heartwork
5. Entombed – Wolverine Blues
6. Pitchshifter – Triad
7. Godflesh – Crush My Soul
8. Dub War – Enemy Maker
9. Sleep – Dragonaut
10. Iron Monkey – Supergorgonizer
11. Linea 77 – Meat
12. At The Gates – Blinded By Fear
13. Brutal Truth – Ill Neglect
14. Misery Loves Co. – Prove Me Wrong
15. Extreme Noise Terror – Raping The Earth
16. The Berzerker – Reality
17. Vader – Dark Age
18. Bolt Thrower – Cenotaph
19. Pulkas – Loaded
20. Gandalf – Morning Sun

Official Website: www.earache.com

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