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Dynamite Comics First Issues Coming In January 2016

In keeping up with the monthly first issues that we discuss here on the website, I want to try and get to the coolness coming from Dynamite Comics when they have stuff that goes right into the pocket of our readers interest base. With that being said let me share with you the press and cover images of a couple of cool items coming from Dynamite Entertainment in January.

"Red Sonja" #1
“Red Sonja” #1

RED SONJA #1: Through the plains of Hyrkania, a message sweeps through the scattered peoples of the nation. Bells ring, horns blow, voices shout – the King is dying! Red Sonja rides to save the King from his doom as the powers of Hyboria crowd around to strike when the kingdom is weakest. But a dread new power rises from within Hyrkania’s own borders, bent on defending its homeland – no matter the cost, no matter what its people become. A defining chapter of the Red Sonja saga – dark, clever, vicious, and funny – as the She-Devil with a Sword must stop the rise of a brutal new regime… her own people!

Writer: Marguerite Bennett; Art: Aneke

"Legenderry Green Hornet"
“Legenderry Green Hornet”

LEGENDERRY: GREEN HORNET TRADE PAPERBACK: From the pages of Bill Willingham’s Legenderry: A Steampunk Adventure… it’s Green Hornet and Kato, goggles-deep in an all-out gang war. Against a Neo-Victorian backdrop of clockworks and bowler hats, writer Daryl Gregory and artist Brent Peeples take the classic pulp crusaders and their war against crime – infiltrating the enemy in their colorful masked guises — to whole new levels of whimsy and wonder! When Little Lord Homicide makes his claim as heir to the Big City’s underworld, the pint-sized child psychopath incites a gang war against the reigning Veiled Lady… and draws our disguised heroes into a web of intrigue and revenge. As urban warriors from every dank alleyway pour into the violent cobblestone streets, a mysterious new player known as the Brass Hornet makes the chaos decidedly personal by offering a king’s ransom for the Green Hornet’s head!

Writer: Daryl Gregory; Art: Brent Peeples

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I always loved the classic Red Sonja tales that we found back in the day in her own title and when she teamed up with Conan The Barbarian. Good stuff so I think this property is in good hands now that Dynamite Entertainment is putting it out. Now I might have missed the single issues of the Green Hornet title listed above, but with a trade paperback available that no longer matters. I am a big fan of the Green Hornet in comics as well as on the small screen. He had his own series around the time that we had “Batman” back in the sixties but it’s not yet been made available on DVD and really needs to have that happen by now. I look forward to reading this one since it sounds interesting and gives us yet another eras Green Hornet which has to be interesting. What do you think readers?

Official Website: http://www.dynamite.com

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