Dream Theater Moves 2021 Tour Dates To Early 2022

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The band Dream Theater have made an announcement regarding the 2021 tour dates and while I’ve embedded the graphic of the statement, I have the text down below for those who can’t read it. I figured if I needed to grab the glasses then perhaps some of the others who read the site are in the same boat ;p Let’s look.

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The Announcement:
Dream Theater have made the difficult decision to move their October-December 2021 North American tour dates to early 2022.

In light of current instabilities to touring that remain due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we feel confident that this is the right decision. Know that we are as disappointed as you are that we will have to wait a little longer to bring Dream Theater music to you live. We miss performing for you all and can’t wait until we can be on stage bringing our new album and fan-favorites to you.

This was an extraordinarily challenging decision to make but needed to be done after taking into consideration the varying local mandates across North America. In an effort to present the absolute most complete and engaging Dream Theater experience that our fans around the globe have come to expect, we feel we are all best served to postpone all touring activities to early 2022. At this time, we ask that everyone hold on to their tickets as we are working frantically to finalize the reschedule of all of these dates. All shows are currently being re-booked to begin in February 2022. Please keep an eye on our website, and we’ll have a complete, updated itinerary shortly. All previously purchased tickets will be honored. Please consult your local point of purchase for any inquiries regarding refunds.

We know that we all have eagerly awaited a return to normalcy, and the opportunity to enjoy live Dream Theater music together again. We apologize profusely but hope that everyone can understand the logic behind this decision.

Playing music for our fans is all we ever want to do. We look forward to seeing each and every one of our fans as soon as possible. We wish it could have been sooner, but we are counting the days until we can see you all again.

Thank you,
Dream Theater

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: This sucks but such is the case with necessary precautions about the still in progress Covid-19 pandemic. There are numerous variants out there and the lack of compliance in many areas is finding this to be an ongoing fight. At this point in time, there are multiple vaccination mandates and even if you have been vaxxed you still must wear a mask at all times while indoors. Some groups are fighting the mandates and making it problematic for the rest of us but I will get off the soapbox. I think its safe to say we should prepare for more cancellations and postponements for the coming months and get used to the live-streams once again. I’ve not seen Dream Theater in years and am really looking forward to seeing them again after such a long time. What do you readers think about this news? Chime in down below in the comments section and I will see you next time. Please stay safe out there and follow whatever the guidelines are in your locality.

Official: https://dreamtheater.net/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dreamtheater

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