Dramatic Lineup Changes In Finland’s Santa Cruz :(

It was just about a week ago when I pointed out that the Finnish Rock band Santa Cruz had pulled out of the remaining dates on their US Tour. They were one of the many openers for Fozzy and also doing some headlining dates on the off times during this run. We did that HERE if you missed it and want to be properly up to speed.

Though there wasn’t any sort of full OFFICIAL PRESS STATEMENT made about the status of the tour and why it was cancelled on their Official Website or Facebook Page, it seemed as though the band members took to their personal Instagrams and posted that they had left the group; Here are the embedded posts from Johnny Cruz, Taz Cruz and Middy Cruz (Joonas Parkkonen, Mitja Toivonen and Tapani Fagerstrom respectively).

A day or so after these Grams were posted, lead singer/guitarist Archie Cruz chimed in as well (his real name is Arttu Kuosmanen). Here is what he had to say about the matter.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: So that’s a lot to digest isn’t it. Clearly some issues developed between Archie and the rest of the guys and I won’t even try to guess what went down but it must have been something bad since the singer says they tossed him from the bus. Having been in bands many times over the years I know that you sometimes fight about the stupidest of things and get on each others nerves as much as you love being with each other for the cause of Rock. Traveling around faraway lands in a tiny van is tough stuff and makes you walk on eggshells sometimes and I am speaking this all from the past experiences. That being said I’m going to hope that the guys in Santa Cruz all sit down and talk through the issues that are plaguing them. If its Rock and Roll excess then that can be problematic and needs to be addressed since it leads to terrible shows sometimes. If its financial, figure out the best budget possible to survive and keep that music going. Just talk to each other. I’ve been fortunate to have seen the band perform many times over the last couple of years and I truly thought that they were one of the freshest things to hit our stages in recent memory. They brought a new fire to Hard Rock and Roll with them from their bone-chilling cold Finland, and I’d hate to find their disbanding being the end result of any differences. What do you readers think about this updated news? Have you seen the band before? Did you like what they did? Chime in down below.

Official Website: http://www.santacruzbandofficial.com

One thought on “Dramatic Lineup Changes In Finland’s Santa Cruz :(”

  1. Great band! Got to see them open for Amaranthe in NYC a few years back and thought they were awesome. I met them after their performance and they were all really cool appreciative guys. Sad to hear all they are going through and hope they can work things out.

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