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Once you Heavy Metal maniacs have gotten a throttling from “The Kid” you know that your best course of action is to dust yourself off and prepare for the next assault. That being said, there are now two more tunes to enjoy from Philip H. Anselmo and The Illegals and you can download them for free by clicking the graphic just below. There are two songs.

Click To Download EP
Click To Download EP

The two tracks are titled “Pigs Kissing Pigs” and “Ugly Mug” and after a quick listen I can say that these are the perfect compliment to what fans experienced on his debut “Walk Through Exits Only” album and that means that its Phil dishing out some seriously heavy and wildly frenetic stuff once more. It should hold you over until his next full on album or more track EP. This particular download comes care of those fine folks at Scion A/V and our more tenured readers might be aware that I have posted blogs that share their free offerings quite a few times already (if you didn’t see those just click HERE). I think they are pretty damned cool to do that because its the best way to put some quality Metal into the hands (or music playing devices for that matter) of the larger fans around the world. This was offered as a part of Phil’s own “Housecore Horror Film Festival 2013”. This particular event is actually going on right now if you are reading the post over the weekend of 10/25-10/17 and it features so many awesome bands that I wish I was there with camera in hand bringing you all the larger scoop. Oh well, one cannot be everywhere can we. This is happening in Texas which is a little bit of a ride for me but we do hope that any of our friends who are in attendance are having a blast. Phil does sure know how to throw a party and the whole idea around this seems pretty damned cool. I’ve added the poster as well since I liked it.

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Oh in case you didn’t get the most recent output from Anselmo and his Merry Metal Men, here are a couple of links that might help you along the path.

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