DMB, Pat Benatar & Doobie Brothers Still Leading Rock Hall Fan Vote

rock and roll hall of fame

Back in October of 2019, we first discussed the new round of potential inductees to the famed Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame for their 2020 Class. In the rundown, I shared some personal editorial opinion about the nominees and you can peruse that set of thoughts by clicking HERE. In December, I shared the at the moment standings in the Fan Vote and now with one week left to go am returning to the topic so we can all rally behind our favorites in the nomination queue and hopefully help them receive the honor. Let’s take a look at the Top 5 first and the standings that were captured just a short time ago.

rock and roll hall of fame, rock hall fan vote standings

Here’s a clearer idea of how the voting is coming along just in case the graphic isn’t too easy to decipher.

Dave Matthews Band – 917,685
Pat Benatar – 819,713
The Doobie Brothers – 730,780
Soundgarden – 670,426
Judas Priest – 630,566

As you can see, the DMB is closing in on one-million fan votes and while the whole Fan Vote process only amounts to a single ballot of the five top names when all is said and done; it’s generally been that the very top of these five makes it into the Hall. Perhaps we should send a bottle of the bubbly to their tour bus since their inclusion is very promising. It’s great to see Pat Benatar and Doobie Brothers climbing high but what are you Priest and Soundgarden fans doing over there? Aren’t you paying mind that you need to get behind these artists and have the public realize how important they are. I know a lot of the Metal fans think the Hall is BS but now is NOT the time to be that way and instead you should be playing along for perception sake. Now let’s take a glance at the rest of the nominees/contenders.

rock and roll hall of fame, rock hall fan vote standings

Whitney Houston – 556,794
Depeche Mode – 524,979
Thin Lizzy – 520,434
Motorhead – 476,108
Todd Rundgren – 412,515
Nine Inch Nails – 358,552
T. Rex – 341,563
The Notorious B.I.G. – 259,547
Rufus Featuring Chaka Khan – 154,534
Kraftwerk – 154,129
MC5 – 150,815

As you can see from this rundown, the Whitney and Depeche Mode numbers are a good 80K lower now than that of Priest so I don’t think it’s all that probably for them to get pushed out of the Top 5 standings. I am very surprised at the lack of rally behind both Biggie and NIN but remember of course that the Fan Vote is not the real voting group and doesn’t mean that they each don’t get inducted. The moment they announced those two names I felt that they were locks along with Dave Matthews Band. At the end of the day this is just something fun for the fans of these artists to get behind and to scream about on the Internet when certain artists don’t make it in. Let’s cross our fingers for the final voting in terms of our own favorites and get to the fan voting every day until its not possible to do so anymore. As my votes have remained the same each and every time I’ve done it, I am re-purposing the image I used in the last update. Feel free to chime in down below with your thoughts on the whole thing. While I will not be posting another “Standings” update, I will be back to this topic to announce the winners, I mean Inductees. See you then.

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