Dirty Rig @ The Continental (6/29/2006)

Dirty Rig is the new Hard Rocking band that is fronted by Warrior Soul’s front man Kory Clarke. Tonight they would be celebrating their debut album on Escapi Music and do a gig at The Continental NYC. Click the logo below to be taken to our article on the main PiercingMetal.com site.

Logo - Dirty Rig

Artist: Dirty Rig
Venue: The Continental (New York, NY)
Opener: unknown
Date: 6/29/2006
Label: Escapi Music

I had seen Dirty Rig on a number of occasions for the label showcases and tonight the event was going to be one for the memory books as they would be celebrating the recording and release of their Escapi Music debut “Rock Did It”. To be honest, this time around I was there more for the party and the time with friends than for coverage and being Metal Paparazzi. Yet after their set was done and the camera images scanned I decided to just drop a couple of words about the guys and the stuff that the music fan gets when they attend a Dirty Rig show. The band is pure Hard Rock & Roll, and it’s no apologies, kick you in the teeth stuff that if you are a fan of bare bones music then they are probably the perfect group for you to check out. Their lead singer is Kory Clarke, who comes from the underground legends Warrior Soul, and his followers would definitely dig the different aspect he is approaching here. This rocking stuff is not as politically charged as the music performed with WS and instead are more about drinking, living life to the fullest and just having a good time while you can. There is clearly nothing wrong with that if you ask me. Handling the guitar is Chas and he has some tasty flair happening that anyone who enjoys guitar rock can appreciate. The drumming is ably handled by Dave who pounds like a madman during the set and really is a solid time-keeper that the rest of the guys are able to count on. Personally, I get a kick out of watching Buckshot play the bass as he is pure Rock and Roll Badass spirit. This dude is crazy on and off stage and really enjoys himself when he is playing. If you are one of those audience members who likes when the band hangs around in the crowd afterwards then Dirty Rig will appeal to you even more as they are among the first to hit the bar right off the stage after the gear is cleaned up.

They’re easy dudes to talk to about music and life and whatever else consuming brews will make you talk about on any given night and the gig for their release sure found this to be the case. The beers and booze was flowing, the girls were jumping around and the fists were in the air from both sexes. You could see that the bartender was really busy and happy at the same time. I was not able to write down their set since I was having too much fun for a change but it was easy to realize that most of the new release was being performed tonight. They sounded great, were having a fun time among their friends and fans and doing so on a very intimate stage. For those who don’t really know NYC and some of its smaller clubs The Continental is another staple spot in the vicinity of C.B.G.B’s down near a great shopping area called St. Marks Place. Things that make New York great my friend are the rocking bars and the music that you get to enjoy in them.

So if Rock with balls to the wall attitude is the stuff that hits you like a bag of nickels to the jaw gets you moving please do yourself and the band a favor and pick up a copy of their album. It’s good thinking, I mean drinking music so show your support in whatever fashion you can.

Song List:
1. Suck It
2. Drunk Again
3. Just A Star
4. Dogs
5. Rock Did It
6. Hot Porno Star
7. Throw Down
8. Cities, Scenes and Thieves
9. If You See Kay
10. Pennsyltucky

Given this was a celebration of the bands debut on this label there was certainly some celebrating going on as you will see by these couple of photos.

Dirty Rig's Kory Clarke & Buckshot flank The Continental's Door Guy

After the show the beers were flowing like water, oh who am I kidding, during the show the friggin’ beers were flowing like water as well.  Did you expect anything less of a high powered Rock show?

Steve "Buckshot" Seabury (c) and Friends

Don’t worry my friends, Steve is not really telling me to “f**k off”, but instead displaying some Rock & Roll attitude.

Leo Lavoro & Kory Clarke

Here’s a shot of Leo Lavoro, he is our publicity contact over at Escapi Music and Kory Clarke.

Official Web site: http://www.dirtyrig.com

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