Dinosaur Jr. Celebrates 30 Years w Bowery Ballroom Residency

Now I know that the band has been talking about this for a little while already based on their celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of their debut album “Dinosaur”; Well they’ve just added another date to the previously announced NYC residency at Bowery Ballroom and with that big news I’ve added this narrative for you to check out.

Tour - Dinosaur JR - NYC Residency 2015

Official Statement: “December 3-9, 2015, Dinosaur Jr. celebrates 30 years since the release of their debut album, “Dinosaur,” with a seven night run of shows at The Bowery Ballroom in New York City. The band will perform their debut album in its entirety each night followed by a set of songs from across their catalog, with very special guests sitting in each night.”

NYC Tour Dates:
12/3: Bowery Ballroom w/Special Guests
12/4: Bowery Ballroom w/Special Guests
12/5: Bowery Ballroom w/Special Guests
12/6: Bowery Ballroom w/Special Guests
12/7: Bowery Ballroom w/Special Guests
12/8: Bowery Ballroom w/Special Guests
12/9: Bowery Ballroom w/Special Guests

PiercingMetal Thoughts: Wow how awesome is that???? Seven nights of the band is sure to appease their throngs of fans as together they raise a fist and very likely an ice cold beer as the band brings their debut release from thirty years ago to life. One has to wonder what special guests they will bring to the stage considering they were an influential force in the world of Alternative Rock. Speaking frankly I’ve never been more of the occasional casual listener but I think its great that a band can still be doing their thing for so long and drawing in big crowds. What do you reader think about this run of shows? Were you ever a fan of their sound or perhaps caught them live over the years and wish to let us all know what to experience? Feel free to toss in some topical comments and congratulations to Dinosaur Jr. on the anniversary of their debut.

Official Website: http://www.dinosaurjr.com

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