Dimmu Borgir’s “Interdimensional Summit” Official Video

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Though we’ve gotten some live clips from their stunning concert video release “Forces Of The Northern Night”, it’s been almost nine years since a studio album has surfaced. In the coming months the band will deliver “Eonian” and the first single “Interdimensional Summit” has a video which I am presenting below. Some thoughts on the clip alone will follow as a narrative on the single music will get its own spotlight

PiercingMetal Thoughts: There isn’t much to get into with this video clip as its primarily a performance clip in a super dramatic and foreboding setting. The kind of space that one “expects” to find a band like Dimmu Borgir performing in. It’s a bleak and cold environment much like their black souls and the band for the most part are decked out in sinister looking leather hooded garments. Shagrath commands their forces while Galder makes insane faces while he plays. I’ve always liked that about him, he is so “into it”. Folks who’ve heard the track know the presence of the choir but we don’t see them in the clip. I think this would have been a nice inclusion. One has to assume that the look the band has in the video is the one that will be taken to the stage whenever they announce some international touring. Count me in the moment that happens. What did you think of this clip?

Official Website: https://www.dimmu-borgir.com/

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