Devildriver Announces Remastered Catalog via BMG Music

The Press Release:
Southern Californian groove metal kings DEVILDRIVER are set to reissue revamped editions of their first five albums via BMG on CD on September 28, 2018. Limited edition LP versions will be available as part of Rocktober promotions in the U.S. with DevilDriver, The Fury Of Our Maker’s Hand, and The Last Kind Words on October 2 and Pray For Villains and Beast on October 16. For more information and updates, please visit the link below.

Formed in Santa Barbara, CA in 2002 when vocalist and frontman Dez Fafara’s previous band Coal Chamber were winding down, DEVILDRIVER became Dez’s new focus in the world of heavy music. The five-piece have since become a constant and dynamic force in the metal world over the best part of the last two decades. Originally signed to Roadrunner Records, in 2003 the group then featured guitarists Jeff Kendrick and Evan Pitts (who was replaced by Mike Spreitzer later that year), bassist Jon Miller and drummer John Boecklin. It’s been a constant uptick for the quintet since they first blasted a hole through the zeitgeist in 2003 with their pivotal self-titled debut. Their almost psychotic dedication to the road is legendary and their mastery of the circle pit beyond dispute. Now their fans can get their hands on their catalogue in revamped, remastered form, with all but one title being pressed on vinyl for the very first time.

The five albums being reissued are DevilDriver (originally released in 2003), The Fury Of Our Makers Hand (2005), The Last Kind Words (2007), Pray For Villains (2009) and Beast (2011). The releases have been remastered by Andy Pearce (Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Anthrax, Kreator) and will be available to buy on limited edition colored vinyl and in deluxe CD format, many featuring bonus tracks and all featuring expanded liner notes and exclusive interview material with frontman, Dez Fafara. For all albums, with the exception of Beast, it’ll be the first time ever they’ve been available in vinyl form (each will be limited to 1500 copies in the U.S.). The Fury of Our Makers Hand features six rare bonus tracks, Pray For Villains includes four bonus tracks and Beast includes three additional cuts. Full details and track listings are below.

DEVILDRIVER – Gatefold digipak CD, Vinyl LP (White, Orange & Gold splatter)

1) Nothing’s Wrong
2) I Could Care Less
3) Die (And Die Now)
4) I Dreamed I Died
5) Cry For Me Sky (Eulogy of The Scorned)
6) The Mountain
7) Knee Deep
8) What Does It Take (To Be A Man)
9) Swinging The Dead
10) Revelation Machine
11) Meet The Wretched
12) Devil’s Son

THE FURY OF OUR MAKER’S HAND – Gatefold digipak CD, Gatefold vinyl LP (Blue & Orange splatter)

1) The End Of The Line
2) Driving Down The Darkness
3) Grinfucked
4) Hold Back The Day
5) Sin & Sacrifice
6) Ripped Apart
7) Pale Horse Apocalypse
8) Just Run
9) Impending Disaster
10) Bear Witness Unto
11) Before The Hangman’s Noose
12) The Fury Of Our Maker’s Hand
13) Unlucky 13 – CD Bonus Track
14) Guilty As Sin – CD Bonus Track
15) Digging Up The Corpses – CD Bonus Track
16) I Could Care Less (Live) – CD Bonus Track
17) Hold Back The Day (Live – CD Bonus Track
18) Ripped Apart (Live) – CD Bonus Track

THE LAST KIND WORDS – Gatefold digipak CD, Vinyl LP (Yellow, beige & green half/half splatter)

1) Not All Who Wander Are Lost
2) Clouds Over California
3) Bound By The Moon
4) Horn of Betrayal
5) These Fighting Words
6) Head On To Heartache (Let Them Rot)
7) Burning Sermon
8) Monsters of the Deep
9) Tirades Of Truth
10) When Summoned
11) The Axe Shall Fall

PRAY FOR VILLAINS – Gatefold digipak CD, Gatefold vinyl LP (White, red & black splatter)

1) Pray For Villains
2) Pure Sincerity
3) Fate Stepped In
4) Back With A Vengeance
5) I’ve Been Sober
6) Resurrection Blvd
7) Forgiveness Is A Six Gun
8) Waiting For November
9) It’s In The Cards
10) Another Night In London
11) Bitter Pill
12) Teach Me To Whisper
13) I See Belief
14) Self-Affliction – CD Bonus Track
15) Dust Be The Destiny – CD Bonus Track
16) Damning The Heavens – CD Bonus Track
17) Wasted Years – CD Bonus Track

BEAST – Gatefold CD Digipak, Gatefold vinyl LP (green & purple swirl)

1) Dead To Rights
2) Bring The Fight
3) Hardened
4) Shitlist
5) Talons Out
6) You Make Me Sick
7) Coldblooded
8) Blur
9) The Blame Game
10) Crowns of Creation
11) Before The Hangman’s Noose
12) Lend Myself To The Night
13) Lost – CD Bonus Track
14) Fortune Favours The Brave – CD Bonus Track
15) Grinfucked (Live) – CD Bonus Track

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: I don’t have much to add here outside of how awesome these should end up being. I am a big fan of the re-issues that BMG has been dishing out and have several copies of their Uriah Heep and Emerson Lake and Palmer ones and they sit proudly in my music library. These early Devildriver albums are the ones that I like the most and from the time when I was catching them in concert more often than I wasn’t so I look forward to adding these to the mix as well. Who knows, maybe I will even do brand-new reviews of these pieces if enough of the readers are interested in that sort of thing. I admit a little surprise that no bonus tracks are included on two of these releases but perhaps there wasn’t anything to pick from that had sufficient quality for an expanded edition. That happens sometimes. I’ll close up by asking you what you think about this news and which of these five albums are your most favorite of them all. Oh okay, you can select two if you like but leave some notes on what makes this the case as well. Until next time.


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