“Deuce” by Beautiful Creatures

Artist: Beautiful Creatures
Title: “Deuce”
Label: Spitfire Records
Release Date: 8/23/2005
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 4/5

The Beautiful Creatures know the successful formula for kick ass Rock & Roll primarily because lead singer Joe LeSte originally hails from Bang Tango; a band that was rocking heavy in the years before the Seattle Sound spun things around and Metal still was everyone’s mind. “Deuce” is their second album and the first for Spitfire Records and while it comes four years after the bands debut it is loaded with solid Rock and Roll hooks that make it something that was worth waiting for. There is a lot of killer music on the release and one thing that struck me very quickly when I listened to this CD was some of the similarities that it brought to mind. With “Freedom” they reminded me of Ian Astbury & The Cult, and since “Sonic Temple” was a favorite CD of mine, I truly enjoyed the song that much more. There are flavors that you would remember from bands such as Guns ‘N Roses and LA Guns and pretty much any band that was dead on serious about the Rock they hit you with. That does not mean that BC is some clone band of these references but just something that if that was what appealed to you then this is something you should also be looking for right away.

This is gritty Hard Rock that gets you dirty on more than one occasion and it’s surely not the Pop Rock that we face from a number of the “fashionable” bands of today’s scene. Those acts are lame and that’s being generous and The Creatures are anything but boring. These are strong tunes and BC shows proud defiance with the opening track “Anyone” where we find LeSte screaming for individuality and demands that you listen to what he is saying. Among the rockers is the ever-present ballad in “Brand New Day” which works with the raspy singing very well. Bands like this always seemed to be able to deliver a quality slow track and this is a particularly good one. The members of the group alongside LeSte are Anthony Focx (rhythm guitar), Mark Simpson (lead guitar), Kenny Kweens (bass) and Timmy Russell (drums).

This is a great listen and if bands like Velvet Revolver appeal to you then check these guys out as well for pure bare bones Rock has made a long overdue comeback. Get some beers out of the fridge.

Track Listing:
1. Anyone
2. Freedom
3. Unforgiven
4. Save Me
5. Superfly
6. Empty
7. Never
8. Straight To Hell
9. The Unknown
10. Ton Of Lead
11. Brand New Day
12. Thanks
13. I Wont Be The One

Official Web-site: www.BeautifulCreatures.net

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