Deicide @ The North Six (10/20/2006)

This was a show that was not meant for everyone and definitely not for the piously faint of heart. It was the legendary blasphemers themselves Deicide who would invade Brooklyn like an assault force. My own scheduling was insane for the month and hence I would not be able to attend this one so our own Natalia or “Nell” to most would be on point to bring us the scoop.

Logo - Deicide

Artist: Deicide
Venue: The North Six (Brooklyn, NY)
Opener: unknown
Date: 10/20/2006
Label: Earache Records

The night of the Deicide show was going to be a night to remember whether you were standing inside the venue or outside facing the elements. No matter which you faced, you were going to be in Hell tonight for inside the club it was hot, humid and far too crowded while outside it was quite cold and windy. The North Six as a venue is a good place but it all depends on what band you are and what the crowd expectation is. If you are smaller group with a decent but not crazy following this is great but if you are one of the premier Death Metal bands who decided to make a return to the area then this is not for you. It would be the case for Deicide tonight as it was beyond crowded and while this is uncomfortable to most it did not stop the fans from having a good time at the show. Moshpits broke out in every section of the place and judging by the size of them you could tell that everyone was having a great time since it began when the openers started to play. While their names escape me, I have to say that a majority of them were good from a musical and performance point of view. Good guitar solos and many longhaired dudes.

People got crazy when Deicide came out and this is to be expected as the band is touring in support of their latest album, a Death Metal masterpiece entitled “The Stench Of Redemption”. It is a slightly different Deicide as now joining Glenn Benton and Steve Asheim are Jack Owen and Ralph Santolla. Metal heads know Owen from Cannibal Corpse and Santolla from both Death and Iced Earth. Together, the pair has upped the ante on the guitar playing in the band and tonight it would be a full assault on anyone in their way. They would focus the set on the new release and rightly so with some of the songs performed including “Death Jesus”, “Bastard of Christ”, “Serpent of Delight” and my all time favorite “Scars of the Crucifix”. In the new songs, there are many guitar solos incorporated and this seems to be a common practice nowadays with many bands taking this route. It seems that the old good metal is back on the menu. I found that Glenn was a bit different tonight than many of the other times I had seen him. He joked in between the songs a whole lot more than usual. A shock was that he was not as evil onstage as always normally comes across but still the audience loved it. Glenn stressed that he still is “The king of the assholes” and he would not find anyone debating him on this. From the look of him tonight, it seemed this evil Metal king was also enjoying himself. How could he not, for he had a killer record to support with some monster players in front of a long sold out room.

The North Six has no photo pit set up and while this is a luxury we are afforded at some larger venues tonight we would have to brave the storm. With no way to squeeze down to the front and fearing for the safety of the gear I remained up by the sound console to shoot from there. This venue is also alarmingly dark which adds to the frustration of working it. Unfortunately, none of the pictures came out better than what we present here. Deicide has returned Metal fans, and if you have not checked out the new album you should get on that quickly. It is their crowning achievement.

Set List:
1. Not captured

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