Deicide in Concert (3/3/2012)

The bringers of evil in Deicide were continuing their “To Hell With God” tour that was begun early last year when they released the album by the same name. It was almost a year to the day that we last caught the as this very same venue and for this tour they would bring along Jungle Rot, Abigail Williams and Lecherous Nocturne as their supporting acts. For this show I wanted to see everyone involved and made sure to get to the venue just in time for the lead off act and you can read the full on concert report by clicking the logo below. Then keep on scrolling in the blog posting to enjoy the usual gamut of additional photos that we only present in this particular space.

The marquee of the Gramercy Theatre really should say something like “Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here” when Deicide comes a calling don’t you think? Whatever the case may be they stuck with the standard announcing of the name in the venue lights. I guess that scares away less people than a band name that means “the killing of a God” in some sense. Thoughts?

Be Afraid New York City

I headed downstairs to see what the merchandise situation was like. As you can see there was a healthy supply of Deicide shirts, hoodies and even vinyl LP’s. I liked a couple of the shirts myself for sure.

Deicide Shirts

A few words about the prices and what Deicide thinks about tipped. I honestly expected something a little more blasphemous from them for good measure.

Deicide Merch Prices

Here’s the Jungle Rot merchandise table. The guys were getting ready to play when I snapped this one so I had to move quick and get back into the photo pit to do some Metal good.

Jungle Rot Merch

Here’s the Lecherous Nocture shirts. Wow, look at those designs. One even has naked on it. Talk about stirring up some controversy when you wear that one around.

Lecherous Nocture Shirts

Their tip jar was also the bands “Green Fund”.  Sigh.  Musicians…..

Tips Are Appreciated

This is our friend Marisa who we met a couple of Summer Slaughter tours ago. She’s also a scribe and often can be read on; She’s always been cool to us so it was nice to run into her at this show.

Marisa of Merchandise

I guess I didn’t snap any photos of the Abigail Williams stuff but they might have not had it all out when I was down here taking the photos. I did snare an image of the technology that let’s band founder Ken Sorceron his sound. Check this stuff out below…Nice that he had it all ready to go in one place but it did seem rather bulky to carry this around.

Sorceron Guitar Tech Wizardry

Let me not forget some of the stuff that let Deicide be the band that they are. First up, the guitar picks of Glen Benton. You might be able to see his face on them if you look really close.  The other side has the bands logo.

Glen Benton Guitar Picks

Here is a slight visual of the guitar effects used by Jack Owen.

Effects Of Owen

The fans were on point for sure this evening, and while the majority of them were here for Deicide, these few snaps were secured during Jungle Rot’s set.  Hence the naming of the images.

Show Me Your Horns

Time to dance.

Circle Pit Formation Now

Oh and here was another odd but cool happenstance. Last night I caught the band Y&T over at B.B. King Blues Club and after the show I mentioned how I ended up taking some photos of these two very lovely Russian girls.  It would seem that lighting would strike twice because tonight at the Deicide show I would meet Miss Elena Bathory who is an Alt-Fetish/Metal Model (say that three times fast if you can).  Over the recent years she has done work for Dark Funeral and some other Black Metal bands.  She was awesome to say hello to and I snapped a few images for you all to enjoy with her permission and posing help.  Her website has much more to see but be advised that there is some seriously intense visuals on there. The NC-17 link to find the Blood Goddess is HERE.

blood goddess, elena bathory
Miss Elena Bathory; The Metal Model
Miss Elena Bathory; The Metal Model

Strike a pose….

Miss Elena Bathory; The Metal Model
Miss Elena Bathory; The Metal Model

I really like this one….

Miss Elena Bathory; The Metal Model
Miss Elena Bathory; The Metal Model

“Wait” she said.  “You didn’t take a shot like this”….. I just smiled and snapped once more.

Miss Elena Bathory; The Metal Model

I also like this one.  Not sure why :p

Miss Elena Bathory; The Metal Model

I swear we were trying to capture her upside down cross in this one.  I so swear….

Miss Elena Bathory; The Metal Model
Miss Elena Bathory; The Metal Model

Elena turned to face another photographer who was in the same vicinity.

Miss Elena Bathory; The Metal Model

I didn’t mind as it gave me a different perspective.

Miss Elena Bathory; The Metal Model
Miss Elena Bathory; The Metal Model

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