“Deathrider” by Motorjesus

Artist: Motorjesus
Title: “Deathrider”
Label: Locomotive Spain
Release Date: April 26, 2006
Genre: Death Metal
Rating: 3/5

With a very late-1990’s sound, this album concentrates on musicianship and melody, rendering songs that are rife with atmosphere and emotion. The vocals are from that almost croonerish school of evocative bellowing that verges on the operatic, rather than the current Metal vox fashion of sounding like one is gargling dog turds, and as such it’s a pleasant change of pace. The songs, such as the title track, are largely slow-paced lighter-wavers that are largely similar in content, so much so that in some cases the listener could leave the room to make a sandwich, return and say themselves, “Man, that’s a long song,” without realizing that a second tune had begun during their absence. Nonetheless, this is very solid stuff, but if there’s one quibble to be made it’s that the material, while heavy, isn’t necessarily Metal, but more like the harder Pop styling found on the TV series Smallville, namely stuff that will probably appeal more to the tweener/teen audience than the older fancier of the harder forms in the genre.

Track Listing:
1. Legion of Rock
2. Destroyer
3. 10 Feet Under Ground
4. Deathrider
5. Distortion Sleep
6. The Howling
7. The Undertaken
8. Hellmachine
9. Invisible Man
10. Black Fuel Domination
11. Death Hammer Overload
12. The Evil

Official Website: http://www.motorjesus.net/

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