Death Angel To Play Blackthorn 51 Tonight (3/30/2014)

Now how cool is that?

Logo - Death Angel

A few short hours ago, Death Angel was finishing up a throttling set that was the close of a several week tour with Children Of Bodom and as this “Halo Of Blood” adventure was coming to its end for the mighty Thrashers, singer Mark Osegueda announced that Death Angel would be performing a “Not So Secret” gig at Blackthorn 51 in Queens.  As soon as I arrived home I tossed this together for you in hopes that many numbers of our stalwart Metal supporters can get themselves into this sure to be exciting event.  Trust me if you can get a ticket and be a part of this that you will not forget it.  Death Angel really put on a show stopping show over these last two nights and you can learn something from their delivery if you are a musician as well.

Death Angel’s Mark Osegueda in NYC (2014)

I was excited to hear that this kind of thing was happening because its just so “Metal” in the aspect of thinking.  “Hey we’re here and we have a night open  so let’s do something special for our area fans”.  It’s really something you don’t see happening all that much these days.  Of course unless I am just not being clued into them 🙂  Learn more about how to attend this once in a lifetime kind of gig on Blackthorn 51’s Facebook Page HERE

Unfortunately I will not be able to attend so I hope to hear some cool stories from it if you go. Have a blast. After this you can keep up with future Death Angel happenings via their official website and then by purchasing some of the music which I have linked for you below.

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