“Dead Again” (deluxe edition) by Type O Negative

Artist: Type-O-Negative
Title: “Dead Again” – CD/DVD Deluxe Edition
Label: SPV Records
Release Date: 2/12/2007
Genre: Gothic Metal
Rating: 4/5

In 2007 the Metal world found the mighty Type-O-Negative returning in full-force once again with an album that was sure to appease the appetites of those who had waited for them in earnest. It would also be an album that found the band reaching new legions of fans and receiving critical acclaim on numerous print and online mediums across the board. To celebrate the success of the original CD a Deluxe Edition has been fashioned and it arrives just in time for Valentine’s Day so who needs candy when there is some tasty Metal to enjoy instead. The original review text is presented below to remind the readers of our thoughts on the album and we will discuss the DVD once you have refreshed your memory.

“Hallelujah it’s finally here!” Yes readers I can reflect genuine levels of enthusiasm to you as it has been about four years since we heard new material from Brooklyn’s own Type-O-Negative. A sigh of relief will come from all their legions of fans who some of which had wondered if the band was done and now find the Lords Of Flatbush armed with a new record label and material that clearly shows that they are “Dead Again”. It’s an album that finds the band morphing once again in the overall resulting sound but they are also revisiting some elements of their past successes. I found “Dead Again” to be a slight mix of that which we loved about both “Bloody Kisses” and “October Rust” – it’s a hard rocking album but not as heavy as their “World Coming Down” piece, and here we find those elements working hand in hand with the Punk influenced quickness of “Life Is Killing Me”. Fans know by now that while they change a little with each recording that TON has always managed to keep a certain essence in their sound – so why change now. The album begins with the title track and uses a quick tempo and riff showing the bands Punk side right off the bat and finds Steele lamenting the issues around drug addiction with the chorus “I Can’t Believe I Died Last Night, Oh God I’m Dead Again”. Truly, a heavy way to start but it does make a point. Clever wordplay and a dark sense of humor is always par for the course in TON music and you will find this has not changed with the song “Tripping A Blind Man”. While this seems like a cruel thing to do the feeling is lost when the bands Beatles-esque harmonies come into play. Continually labeled as a Gothic Metal band we are treated to that type of atmosphere on the song “September Sun”. This track has resounding power to it and also features Kenny Hickey very upfront in the vocals as well as Tara Van Flower (Lycium) who adds a little more ambience to the song. It is one of the longest of the CD’s inclusions at nine minutes. Silver’s keyboard work always adds the emphasis of doom on tunes like this one. Given this is only the early part of the album the fans can smile with a sinister grin in the knowledge that Type-O-Negative is once again representing Metal that always gave levels of surprise as much as satisfaction.

I quickly observed that it seemed like no real length of time had passed since we last heard from them and I think this was based on their managing to work with familiar feels and patterns. This action would easily allow them to recapture the attention of those who have awaited their return for so long. While lead singer/bassist Peter Steele sounds as angst-ridden as ever while he speaks of the “Profits Of Doom” the band is to be commended for delivering the epic “These Three Things” the most. It is a whopping fourteen-minute piece that seems to be the longest track that the band has ever written. The album finds Hickey providing many powerful vocals at various points and his higher register voice is the perfect opposite from the low and resonant voice Peter Steele often uses. Rhythmically, Johnny Kelly is making sure the train runs on time from behind the drums and offers some tasty fills. There are no strange filler/intro bits on “Dead Again” but instead a full and crushing 77 minutes of music to lament by. While I enjoyed it and looked forward to their return, I admit to finding no real surprises on the release. Instead, it is much of the same formula that has worked for the band and has kept their following as hard core as they have remained over the past fifteen years. Peter Steele, Kenny Hickey, Josh Silver and Johnny Kelly: The Drab Four walk among us and are prepared to bring us down again, and again – welcome back guys.

Having enjoyed the CD for almost a year since its release I would have to say that I am finding myself even more into it than I was in the beginning. Songs like “September Sun” remains one of my favorites still and I have even more respect in their execution of the fourteen minute “These Three Things”. Since the album was delivered the band has gone back on tour again and the new material that was presented to the often sold out crowds went over strong and fit in well against their long established classics. The Deluxe Edition offers the listener no additional songs but does come in a blood red cover and makes this the first album from Type-O-Negative to deviate from their traditional green.

The DVD: “Anesthesia”, “Christian Woman”, “Love You To Death”, “Kill You Tonight” – all tracks recorded live at Wacken Open Air Festival. “The Profits Of Doom” (video), “September Sun” (video). Band Interviews.

*** The live footage from Wacken Open Air is excellent and a nice way to see the band in action once again from only a few months ago. Their previous DVD “Symphony For The Devil” was a great concert piece but the footage was several years old and while worth owning an official copy, it had been seen already by many of the bands fans. There are only get four songs from the show but perhaps if we are lucky we shall see the full performance used somewhere going forward. The two promotional videos from “Dead Again” are presented and while “Profits Of Doom” shows the band in a rehearsal space setting for the most part, “September Sun” seems to tell a little story in the background and comes off as a very well executed film for a great song. The interviews are your typical band features but as opposed to just chatting with the members individually we find the group sitting down and answering a number of posed inquiries all at the same time. For the most part the guys are serious about the topics and their stand on them as it works within the context of the band. There are some recollections about performing with Pantera, their four year absence and the new recording “Dead Again”. Peter is more talkative than I ever expected him to be while Johnny shows himself to be perhaps the most engaging member of the group. During this segment Josh just sits there while Kenny, Johnny and Pete field the answers to the invisible interviewer but don’t worry too much as we get to take a walk down scenic Coney Island in Brooklyn with the keyboardist a little later on. In this segment of the interviews we find Silver as a tour guide around the Boardwalk where he plays one of the arcade games, interacts with passerby and just muses about the quality or lack thereof in the area. It’s pretty funny since he seems to have taken a lot of the people around him by surprise. There is also an additional few questions with Peter alone. As far as interview segments go I found this one rather interesting. The entire DVD appears to run about sixty minutes in length and should serve the needs of any Type-O-Negative diehard.

That being said if you don’t already own a copy of Type-O-Negative’s “Dead Again” now’s your chance to get off the pot and purchase one. Put your Metal where your mouth is for this highly recommended deluxe edition of a truly fantastic return from one of Brooklyn’s most interesting music acts.

Track Listing:
1. Dead Again
2. Tripping A Blind Man
3. The Profits Of Doom
4. September Sun
5. Halloween In Heaven
6. These Three Things
7. She Burned Me Down
8. Some Stupid Tomorrow
9. An Ode To Locksmiths
10. Hail And Farewell To Britain

1. Anesthesia – Live at Wacken
2. Christian Woman – Live at Wacken
3. Love You To Death – Live at Wacken
4. Kill You Tonight – Live at Wacken
5. Interviews with TON
6. Profits Of Doom – video
7. September Sun – video

Official Web site: www.typeonegative.net

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