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DC Comics’ “The New 52” Zero Issues Week Four

For a couple of weeks now I have been showcasing the individual covers for the DC Comics “The New 52” line of titles as they present us with their “Zero Month”. This is the fourth and final installment of these posts and as before features the covers that we found on the DC Comics website for your comic-sumption (I just made that word up so no hate please). As before I have limited the additional thoughts since I’ve not yet read all of them and the covers pretty much line out exactly which title you are looking for. This post will definitely come in handy when you go to the comic book store and ask for them. These will be on sale today so do set aside some time to hit your local retailer and give them some financial love. Yes you can tell them that PiercingMetal sent you since we always appreciate the shout out.

Comic - All Star Western 0 - 2012

Comic - Aquaman 0 - 2012

Comic - Batman Incorporated 0 - 2012

Comic - Batman The Dark Knight 0 - 2012

Comic - The Flash 0 - 2012

Comic - Fury Of Firestorm The Nuclear Men 0 - 2012

Comic - I Vampire 0 - 2012

Comic - Justice League Dark 0 - 2012

Comic - Red Lanterns 0 - 2012

Comic - Savage Hawkman 0 - 2012

Comic - Superman 0 - 2012

Comic - Talon 0 - 2012

Comic - Teen Titans 0 - 212

Comic - Voodoo 0 - 2012

That’s going to bring us to the end of these “0” issue postings for The New 52 and as I close this final chapter up I am wondering if you readers have been keeping a tally of the number of issues that were showcased. Considering this is a part of THE NEW 52 you would assume that there are a total of “52” comic titles but that assumption would be wrong. When all was said and done there were “55” of them and that was a nice treat to realize here at the Metal Command HQ. Hope that you enjoyed all of these posts and that you have secured yourself all of the individual issues for your collection. That’s all I have for now but don’t worry I will be back with the first issue offerings for October from DC Comics should there be any to discuss. See you then.

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