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DC Comics Presents: “Villains Month”: Week Two Issues

As previously discussed, the BIG EVENT across the DC Comics titles is “Villains Month” and I’ve already showcased the first weeks batch of titles in a post that you can review HERE in the event that you are just now joining us. Below you will find the “Week Two” titles images along with some light premise and the creative teams involved. These issues will all hit the stands on September 11th. Let’s go.

“Action Comics” #23.2 – Zod

ACTION COMICS #23.2: ZOD – General Zod storms into The New 52! Witness the origin of this genocidal maniac, and learn how far he will go to destroy those who oppose him!

Written by GREG PAK; Art by KEN LASHLEY; 3-D motion cover by GENE HA

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“Aquaman” #23.1 – Black Manta

AQUAMAN #23.1: BLACK MANTA – Set loose as the Secret Society’s plan unfolds, Black Manta is shocked to learn that Aquaman may be dead! Without the object of his hatred, how will Manta claim his final vengeance against the man who killed his father? Where will one of the most lethal villains alive turn his rage when he begins a new mission?


dc comics, comic book covers, villains month
“Batman” #23.2 – The Riddler

BATMAN #23.2: THE RIDDLER – With The Dark Knight out of the picture, The Riddler engages in an epic game of wits. Learn what maddening early moments led a young Edward Nygma to evolve into Gotham City’s Prince of Mischief! And see how events of ZERO YEAR continue to affect The Riddler today!

Written by SCOTT SNYDER and RAY FAWKES; Art by JEREMY HAUN; 3-D motion cover by GUILLEM MARCH

dc comics, comic book covers, villains month
“Batman and Robin” #23.2 – The Court Of Owls

BATMAN AND ROBIN #23.2: THE COURT OF OWLS – The Court of Owls takes stock of the new world order created in the wake of Forever Evil! What horrors will they unleash in order to maintain control!

Written by JAMES TYNION IV; Art by JORGE LUCAS; 3-D motion cover by PATRICK GLEASON and MICK GRAY

dc comics, comic book covers, villains month
“Batman: The Dark Knight” #23.2 – Mr. Freeze

BATMAN: THE DARK KNIGHT #23.2: MR. FREEZE – Mr. Freeze takes his obsessions over the line when he sets his sights on his newfound family and getting revenge on Batman!


dc comics, comic book covers, villains month
“Detective Comics” #23.2 – Harley Quinn

DETECTIVE COMICS #23.2: HARLEY QUINN – If Dr. Harleen Quinzel wasn’t crazy when she fell for The Joker at Arkham Asylum, she sure was messed up afterwards! Find out more from Harley’s time with her beloved Mr. J. and see what got her into so much trouble that she was “recruited” for the Suicide Squad!

Written by MATT KINDT; Art by NEIL GOOGE; 3-D motion cover by CHRIS BURNHAM

dc comics, comic book covers, villains month
“Earth 2” #15.2 – Solomon Grundy

EARTH 2 #15.2: SOLOMON GRUNDY – Grundy hates green. He hates life, and he hates Green Lantern most of all! So what made Grundy this way? Find out in the secret origin of Solomon Grundy!

Written by MATT KINDT; Art by AARON LOPRESTI; 3-D motion cover by KEN LASHLEY

dc comics, comic book covers, villains month
“The Flash” #23.2 – Reverse-Flash

THE FLASH #23.2: REVERSE-FLASH – Discover the untold origin of Reverse-Flash! Who is he, and what is his relationship to Barry Allen? Secrets are revealed and questions answered as we race through the history of Reverse-Flash right through to Forever Evil!


dc comics, comic book covers, villains month
“Green Lantern” #23.2 – Mongul

GREEN LANTERN #23.2: MONGUL – Deep in space, an unstoppable force is committing genocide on a galaxy-wide scale, and only the strongest will survive! Be warned, because nothing can prepare you for an all-new Warworld under the absolute rule of the tyrant called Mongul!

dc comics, comic book covers, villains month
“Justice League” #23.2 – Lobo

JUSTICE LEAGUE #23.2: LOBO – Deep in the dark corridors of space lives a black-hearted being of unimaginable power. He’s witnessed horrors beyond description and committed unparalleled evils. In all of history, no being has ever been capable of as much chaos and terror as this lone individual. This is the story of the man called Lobo. He’s coming. And he’s bringing all of hell with him.

Written by MARGUERITE BENNETT; Art by BEN OLIVER; 3-D motion cover by AARON KUDER

dc comics, comic book covers, villains month
“Justice League Of America” #7.2 – Killer Frost

JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #7.2: KILLER FROST – Not every villain is grateful to the Secret Society for ridding the world of the Justice League. For Killer Frost, only one thing matters: feeding off Firestorm’s energy! But with Firestorm gone, a desperate Frost is forced to decide whether she should search for the missing hero or find a new source for her power fixes.

Written by STERLING GATES; Art by DERLIS SANTACRUZ; 3-D motion cover by TONY S. DANIEL and

Written by JIM STARLIN; Art by HOWARD PORTER; 3-D motion cover by BILLY TAN

dc comics, comic book covers, villains month
“Superman” #23.2 – Brainiac

SUPERMAN #23.2: BRAINIAC – Brainiac was the first adversary Superman fought on Earth, but where did he come from? A lineage that spans the universe holds many secrets when we ask, “Who is Brainiac?”

Written by TONY BEDARD; Art by PASCAL ALIXE; 3-D motion cover by GENE HA

dc comics, comic book covers, villains month
“Teen Titans” #23.1 – Trigon

TEEN TITANS #23.1: TRIGON – He is the ruler of six kingdoms of pain, suffering and agony—but the one world that evades Trigon is Earth. Trigon’s influence has been spread across worlds by his sons, but it wasn’t until he conceived a daughter of Earthly origin that the monster finally had an heir who could aid his quest. Now, with all the world’s heroes missing—is this the final victory of Trigon?

Written by MARV WOLFMAN; Art by CAFU; 3-D motion cover by EDDY BARROWS and EBER FERREIRA

PiercingMetal Thoughts: As a “one-shot” collector, I’m trying to get my hands on a copy of each of these issues and bear in mind that there is one of the special covers and a standard one. Sadly I missed The Joker and need to find that one since he is one of my favorite characters in the DC Universe of Villains. Some other favorites amount to these weeks antagonists and I wonder which ones you readers will be hunting for. Chime in down below and stay tuned to this channel for the “Week Three” stuff when time brings us there.

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