Danzig @ The Wellmont Theatre (9/9/2017)

Despite his rough exterior and angry bad boy attitude, Glenn Danzig put smiles on hundreds of faces at the Wellmont this past September. It goes without saying, but Danzig’s following gave the local hero a warm Jersey welcome as they anxiously stood wrapped around the block totaling enough metal studs and apparel to conquer a small city.

Touring in support of his newest release, “Black Laden Crown,” Glenn no doubt kept to his notorious high standards regarding opening acts. Another superstar tour paraded young(er) guns: Mutoid Man and Corrosion of Conformity. There was not a dull moment as both bands did their job by exciting the crowd and maxing out the enthusiasm.

Danzig made it to the venue just in time for his set, which he killed. Starting on the right foot with “SkinCarver,” the audience was captivated from the first growl and continued to display their moshing zeal right into the classic, “Twist of Cain”. “How the Gods Kill,” “Dirty Black Summer,” and “Last Ride” were all highlights of the show. There was no stopping the vehement shock of an innocent bystander each time a wild mosher piled into them. But with that being said, is there such a thing as an innocent Danzig fan? Doubtful. Rightfully so, the show went on just as expected, loud, energetic, and violent.

As the end approached and “Mother” came closer to its fantastic crowd participation, the audience grew in anticipation. The first guitar strum sent the crowd into a frenzy as a combination of “Danzig” and “Mother” could be heard from Seton Hall’s campus ministry, miles away who have since been converted to equally as devoted fans. The song went on to be the high point of the night. Despite the band reaching peak speed, the night went on as the audience cheered (screamed) Danzig back on for a two-song encore featuring “She Rides,” and “Not of This World”. Glenn’s raspy and fading, yet powerful voice carried the night to its grand end as he politely thanked the crowd for an ideal homecoming. Night made.

Set List:
1. SkinCarver
2. Twist of Cain
3. Devil on Hwy 9
4. Her Black Wings
5. Godless
6. Left Hand Black
7. How the Gods Kill
8. Do You Wear the Mark
9. Dirty Black Summer
10. Last Ride
11. Black Mass
12. Long Way Back From Hell
13. Mother
14. She Rides
15. Not of This World

Official Website: http://www.danzig-verotik.com/

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