Cradle Of Filth @ Irving Plaza (3/4/2007)

Cradle Of Filth had returned to NYC for a devastating night of Metal. The rather oddly mixed selection of bands as their support found both The 69 Eyes and 3 Inches Of Blood appearing as openers and we were there to see everyone tonight. To learn and see more just scroll past the logo below.

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Artist: Cradle Of Filth
Venue: Irving Plaza (New York, NY)
Opener: The 69 Eyes, Three Inches Of Blood
Date: 3/4/2007
Label: Roadrunner Records

I’m not going to lie to the readers by saying that I knew that this show would kick ass for while I am a fan of both the headliners – Cradle Of Filth and The 69 Eyes; I just had a lot of problems envisioning how this would even work out after it had been announced. CoF would be supporting their latest release “Thornography”, and the album was a continued departure from the Extreme Black Metal they were most known for and instead was more of a Gothic Metal piece. Perhaps this is what made the choice of Finland’s The 69 Eyes as the opener make the most sense to them. Starting off the festivities would be Three Inches Of Blood, an intense Power Metal group. Essentially, the audience tonight would get a little bit of everything. Here are some thoughts on the evening.

Three Inches Of Blood: I had only heard the name before tonight and holy crap am I glad that I arrived early enough to catch them start things off. These guys deliver a level of Power Metal that borders on the Extreme and if you are a fan of Into Eternity, you should definitely check them out as well since there are some worthy comparisons. They really kicked a lot of ass tonight and showed no signs of being nervous to the crowd that was pretty much there for Cradle and 69 Eyes. I watched impressed as they easily won over this audience and had a large level of response when songs ended as well as some moshing going on. They also had a couple of surprises for the fans by bringing out Joey Jordison from Slipknot to play drums for one tune and then guitarist Paul Allender from Cradle for another. These treats definitely made the crowd embrace them all the more. According to their singer a new album is coming soon on Roadrunner Records, and you can be sure that I will be reviewing that when I get the chance to.

The 69 Eyes: Originally, I was a latecomer to the party when it came to The 69 Eyes, having only heard select cuts a few years ago. I luckily caught their first time in New York in early 2006 and since then have been a devout fan because there is just something appealing to me at their levels of Hard Rock with a classic New York Punk vibe mixed in with Gothic melancholy. At first I worried about them being on this bill, fearing that the hard core Cradle fans would not be too accommodating to their music as its vastly different. However it seemed like the fans in NYC were divided equally for the two tonight and this made it a lot easier for all to have a great time. Led by singer Jyrki 69, The 69 Eyes would support the release of their new CD “Angels”, released on Caroline Records. Given their set would short tonight they would not focus on the new album outside of the first single and instead deliver several of their classic numbers. For those that think them a new band, they should be aware that they have been around for almost seventeen years. While I am a fan I had to say that the guys sounded as good as I remembered them being the last time around and from my vantage point I could not only see but heard the audience singing along to a large amount of the songs in the set. They give a good show and surely seem to love what they do as Jyrki becomes the ultimate Gothic Punk Idol while Jussi 69 pounds the drums with flair and abandon. After seeing how visual and animated he is at that show last year, I admit that I did not like seeing him on stage level and feel that he should always be on the drum riser. The singer didn’t talk all that much but certainly mugged for the fans who were snapping pictures like members of the Rock Paparazzi. I’m really pleased when I see a band that deserves it get such a welcome in a region where their music is all but invisible on the terrestrial radio and television stations that are available.

Truly the internet and satellite radio keeps groups like The 69 Eyes alive, and their very devoted following also have a lot to do with it. They have built up quite the following in the States and that’s commendable given the fact that most of their catalog was only available as an import until late 2006. Highlights of the set for me were “Devils”, “Perfect Skin” and my personal favorite “Brandon Lee”. I was surprised that they did not do “Gothic Girl”, since the audience was loaded with them, but they were faced with time constraints this evening. I was also glad that I would not witness any shenanigans from the crowd towards them as I had heard some shows they were given a very unwelcome reception. That is always uncalled for when a band is giving you their all to entertain, and if you don’t like the group arrive late or go to the bar while they deliver. Never ruin someone else’s good time.

Cradle Of Filth: I have a confession to make and it’s that I once felt they were too much for me as a group but as the Darker, more Extreme Metal became a way of my life, so did the appeal of Cradle of Filth and what they brought to the table. They are intense in a live situation and the group sports seven members for the purposes of touring. I just loved “Thornography”, their newest CD and most of what I had heard from “Nymphetamine” because these were the releases that enabled me to get more into the band than I had in the past. It’s very clear that the main man is definitely singer Dani Filth, and he stalked the audience from the stage with the photo pit and security area keeping the flying bodies from hitting the stage as they surfed and slammed around. If you managed to be close enough you would have been able to catch the singer crack a slight grin of approval at this response. Filth is truly one of the most commanding and intense singers I have ever seen and he does a wide variety of vocal styles during a performance with high-pitched shrieking to sullen and somber tones. Given the scope of their set list this evening we would hear all of the different ranges he has possession of. Tonight New York City would also get to enjoy the blistering talent of drummer Martin Skaroupka, who had replaced Adrian Erlandsson only a few months ago. Martin really stepped into the role well, and was among the highlights of the show as he made their music look very easy to execute when it very clearly is not.

The bands players would also present the ever-talented Sarah Jezebel Deva, who while not considered a full time member of the group, always does the tours and recordings. She does this outside of her work with Therion and her new band Angtoria. Paul Allender, Dave Pybus, Charles Hedger and Rosie Smith line out the rest of the players in the band and with this amount of people onstage you know they are under the gun to keep it moving efficiently in terms of the performance for their fans. Tonight would be the final night of the tour and the crowd-surfing didn’t even stop when the singer paused to talk to the crowd about the new music and their reaction to the old stuff. I swore I heard him slur a couple of times, and wondered if he decided to have a few before he went on as well. I’m always cool with that as long as it does not ruin the show for everyone involved. The band really throttled the listener and it was a non-stop block of entertainment from the minute I walked in. I felt spoiled at this show as I was able to enjoy every portion of the night. The crowd was mixed with Gothic and Black Metal fans from near and far and also a bunch of musical personalities. I ran into members of Type-O-Negative, Trashlight Vision and Hanzel Und Gretyl. It’s all the more reason to go to live shows and lend support as you will never know who you will meet.

Side Note: I was fortunate to be in attendance at the after show gathering that was held at The Snitch Rock & Roll bar. It was here that we would find Jyrki 69 spinning some of the new album along with a handful of other songs that he liked. There was some good music and the album has promise that his fans will appreciate. It made the end of the show and tour all the more memorable.

The 69 Eyes Set List:
1. Devils
2. Don’t Turn Your Back On Fear
3. Dance D’Amour
4. Feel Berlin
5. Perfect Skin
6. Framed In Blood
7. The Chair
8. Brandon Lee
9. Lost Boys

Cradle Of Filth Set List
1. Dirge Inferno
2. Tonight In Flames
3. Dusk And Her Embrace
4. Her Ghost In The Fog
5. Nymphetamine
6. Ebony/Forest
7. I Am The Thorn
8. Rise Of The Pentagram
9. Cruelty
10. Gilded Cunt
11. Temptation
12. Born In A Burial Gown
13. Cradle To Enslave

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