Congratulations To Black Sabbath & Led Zeppelin On Their 2014 Grammy Awards!

May I have the envelope please…….

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The big night for music ended only a short while ago and since the Internet is going to blow up with postings and viewpoints about the winners, I wanted to quickly raise a glass of toast for the Rock and Metal acts that took home this prestigious award this year. Just in case you didn’t tune in for some reason, I have listed not only the categories that most interest our demographic, but also showed the other nominees along with the winner so you can see who they won out over. I even added some personal thoughts on a couple of the winning groups. Here we go, the 2014 Grammy Award winners for the Rock and Metal Categories are……(snare drum roll kindly if you can).

Best Metal Performance
‘T.N.T.,’ Anthrax
‘God Is Dead?,’ Black Sabbath (Winner)
‘The Enemy Inside,’ Dream Theater
‘In Due Time,’ Killswitch Engage
‘Room 24,’ Volbeat featuring King Diamond

Thoughts: Some complained about the new Sabbath album being too slow and foreboding while others lamented the lack of Bill Ward on the release but despite that I was rather happy to see these legends receive the award which to me is NOT only for the new album but for all their work at the Metal craft and starting off a genre that is a vibrant movement in music so many decades later. Cheers Gents.

Best Rock Song
‘Ain’t Messin ‘Round,’ Gary Clark Jr.
‘Cut Me Some Slack, ‘ Dave Grohl, Paul McCartney, Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear (Winner)
‘Doom and Gloom,’ Rolling Stones
‘God Is Dead?,’ Black Sabbath
‘Panic Station,’ Muse

Best Rock Performance
‘Always Alright,’ Alabama Shakes
‘The Stars (Are Out Tonight),’ David Bowie
‘Radioactive,’ Imagine Dragons (Winner)
‘Kashmir (Live),’ Led Zeppelin
‘My God Is the Sun,’ Queens of the Stone Age
‘I’m Shakin’,’ Jack White

Thoughts: I do like this song and seem to hear it everywhere nowadays so was happy that it won but really don’t personally consider it something better live than a tune like “Kashmir”. Oh well. I cannot always have my way 🙂

Best Rock Album
’13,’ Black Sabbath
‘The Next Day,’ David Bowie
‘Mechanical Bull,’ Kings of Leon
‘Celebration Day,’ Led Zeppelin (Winner)
‘Like Clockwork,’ Queens of the Stone Age
‘Psychedelic Pill,’ Neil Young with Crazy Horse

Thoughts: Great album from a great live film from a great reunion. History was made for a single performance and while it would have been wonderful to find this continuing on to a full scale tour that was not to be the case.

Best Alternative Music Album
‘The Worse Things Get, The Harder I Fight, the Harder I Fight, the More I Love You,’ Neko Case
‘Trouble Will Find Me,’ The National
‘Hesitation Marks,’ Nine Inch Nails
‘Lonerism,’ Tame Impala
‘Modern Vampires of the City,’ Vampire Weekend (Winner)

Best Recording Package
‘Automatic Music Can Be Fun,’ Geneseo
‘Long Night Moon,’ Reckless Kelly (Winner)
‘Magna Carta … Holy Grail,’ Jay-Z
‘Metallica Through the Never,’ Metallica
‘The Next Day,’ David Bowie

Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical
‘Annie Up,’ Pistol Annies
‘The Blue Room,’ Madeleine Peyroux
‘The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here,’ Alice in Chains
‘Like Clockwork,’ Queens of the Stone Age
‘The Moorings,’ Andrew Duhon
‘Random Access Memories,’ Daft Punk (Winner)

Best Surround Sound Album
‘Live Kisses,’ Paul McCartney (Winner)
‘Sailing the Seas of Cheese,’ Primus
‘Signature Sound Opus One,’ Various Artists
‘Sixteen Sunsets,’ Jane Ira Bloom
‘Sprung Rhythm,’ Richard Scerbo & Inscape

Thoughts: I really loved the “Live At Citi Field” album and film that Sir Paul did but I have not yet seen this new one and am marking it on my list of “much watch soons”. Considering it won two Grammy’s this year it has to be good right? Right?

Best Music Film
‘Live 2012,’ Coldplay
‘Cuatro,’ Green Day
‘I’m In I’m out and I’m Gone: The Making of Get Up!,’ Ben Harper with Charlie Musselwhite
‘Live Kisses,’ Paul McCartney (Winner)
‘The Road to Red Rocks,’ Mumford & Sons

I realize that some of you readers might want to examine the full on list of Grammy Award winners so please click the link to their official website where you can examine this at your leisure. By the way, a big thumbs down for leaving the great Jeff Hanneman of Slayer off of the “In Memorium” segment. It was nice that you remembered Chi Cheng of The Deftones but someone really dropped the ball on excluding Jeff considering the impact that Slayer had on modern music.

Official Website:

Here are a few links to some of the winners along with some of the other nominees that I enjoyed most during the past year.

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