“Completion Makes The Tragedy” (re-release) by Coldseed

Artist: Coldseed
Title: “Completion Makes The Tragedy” (re-release)
Label: Metal Mind Productions
Release Date: 6/9/2015
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 4/5

Originally released in 2006 on Nuclear Blast Records, the debut album byColdseed was recently re-issued by Metal Mind Productions. The album now comes in a Digipak holder and features no additional tracks, so with that being the case my original thoughts on it remain the same. I have restated those views in the review that follows. The edition is limited to 2000 copies so diehards or the collecting curious might want to act fast if interested in purchasing.

“What is it about side-projects from any of these European bands that make them better than some of the main band around the world? Generally, when you have a member of a popular band who goes solo you find the end result a far less gratifying experience. Not so in the case found here with the unique power in the band Coldseed. This project comes from the unification of lead singer from Soilwork Bjorn “Speed” Strid and drummer Thomen Stauch (Blind Guardian/Savage Circus). Immediately the listener will realize that while truly a Heavy Metal album, it does not possess many of the similar qualities that they have come to know from either of these performers. Yet despite this, the entire release is an enjoyable thing with numerous hooks and tremendous amounts of melody. “Speed” as a singer is the commanding presence we all love from Soilwork but on this album he gets to use more of the melodic side we saw coming to the front a lot more on “Stabbing The Drama” (SW’s most recent effort). The same applies for drummer Stauch who everyone knows is a thundering powerhouse. On the Coldseed debut he takes different approaches at a more conventional level of playing and during songs like “Nothing But A Loser” he shows the ability of being quite restrained when necessary. This very groove-laden release owes some credit to Thrash and Old School Metal and uses a twist of the Nu stuff of merit.

“Democracy Lesson” is one of the best tracks present and could win over fans of bands like Sevendust, and Stone Sour since it follows in some of the same vibe as those bands do. “Five More To Fix” is another winner and a lesson in thrashing for the listener with a quick feel and “Low” really lets Stauch go loose with the kind of drummer we love to hear him do. The lineup of the group is complimented by Thorsten Praest (guitar), Gonzalo Alfageme Lopez (guitar), Oli Holzwarth (bass) and Mi Schuren (keyboards). The presence of Blind Guardian’s bassist and keyboardist allow the members to be a little more familiar and flexible with each others playing style. I have to say that I enjoyed this different side of life from these musicians who have each offered the Metal world some amazing stuff in the past. The influences and textures on “Completion Makes The Tragedy” offers a wide audience a solid listen that is stunning, powerful and interesting with every track. It is my hope this shows some touring and does not remain a studio project. We shall see.”

So here we are in 2015 and what has become of Coldseed since this debut album was released. Well, my research is finding that they are still considered an active band but this is the only album that they ever released so it would appear that this side project has been completely put to the side. It makes sense to find this being the case when one considers the incredible activity that Speed has going on with Soilwork and as far as the Blind Guardian dudes they always seem to be busy. I did enjoy listening to this one again and was happy to find a side project release come off as so satisfying. It might have been fun to have them opening up for Dark Tranquillity or even Soilwork themselves on one of those bands visits to this side of the Atlantic but alas that was never to be the case. Will we ever hear more from Coldseed? I am not going to bet good money on that since it’s been nine years since this album came out but who knows in the wild world of Metal. It often surprises us with the most wonderful things. I’m game if there is another chapter in this bands history. What about you?

Track Listing:
1. My Affliction
2. Democracy Lesson
3. Nothing But A Loser
4. Five more To Fix
5. Burning With A Shade
6. Low
7. On My Way
8. Reflection
9. Completion Makes The Tragedy
10. Hatched
11. Vulture Of The Throne
12. At Last

Official Website: http://www.coldseed.com

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