Coming Early 2020: The Sundance/Roxy Reunion w Zebra, Overkill, Y&T & More

The Heavy Metal and Hard Rock music scene of years gone by will leaf backward through the pages of its history book to some really good times and celebrate a famous concert promoter and the two venues that were under his command. Read on down below about the February 2020 “Reunion” Celebrations of The Sundance and The Roxy.

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The Press Release:
On Saturday February 15th and Saturday February 22nd 2020, Long Island music venue impresario Frank Cariola’s decades spanning career will be celebrated in a 2 Night event at Mulcahy’s Concert Hall in Wantagh staged with an all star lineup presented by Loaded Concerts. The 90 year old Cariola will be present at the shows to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award that he has certainly proven himself to be worthy of.

Frank Cariola’s Sundance started as a country music club in January 1981 in Bay Shore, New York, eventually switching over to rock in 1985. If that sounds like a familiar story, it is. Hilly Crystal’s CBGB’s, which stood for “Country, Bluegrass and Blues,” was originally a country music bar before changing over to the seminal punk rock mecca that it became. Likewise, after Sundance became a rock venue, it hosted some of the biggest rock and heavy metal bands in history.

show posters, sundance and roxy music hall reunions

Artists who have graced the Sundance stage include: Guns N’ Roses, Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax, Manowar, Alice In Chains, Faith No More, Suicidal Tendencies, Ramones, Soundgarden… the list goes on. Zebra, Cinderella, White Zombie, Overkill, Nuclear Assault, and Suffocation began their careers playing some of their earliest shows at Sundance. Originally known as Majesty, Dream Theater got their start there. Actually their very first live concert as Dream Theater took place at Sundance. Visits from music industry execs and rock stars like Gene Simmons, Ozzy Osbourne, Rob Halford and Joan Jett were not uncommon.

show posters, sundance and roxy music hall reunions

By the late 80’s Sundance became notorious for its fast times and late nights; pretty regularly putting headliners on as late as 3am! Sundance thrived. Even the local band scene was hot! Bands like Crumbsuckers, Murphy’s Law, Ruff Kutt, Swift Kick, Hot Shot, Lois Lane, Toxic Shock, Jack Starr’s Burning Starr, Jett Black and Cannon played often and drew sizeable crowds on their own.

After Sundance closed in April 1991, Frank vowed to make a comeback; and did so with a vengeance, opening the Roxy Music Hall in Huntington on November 22, 1992 (Thanksgiving Eve), with Ace Frehley of KISS playing both nights of its opening weekend. Picking up where Sundance left off, Frank continued making rock history. This time, on another level. In a larger venue, with a bigger stage and better sound and lights. The Roxy Music Hall was an instant success. Frank booked to sold out crowds. Marilyn Manson, Korn, Rob Halford’s Fight, Biohazard, Type O Negative, Extreme, Warrant, and Life of Agony to name a few. The Roxy Music Hall closed in April of 1996.

show posters, sundance and roxy music hall reunions

Frank is proud his clubs are considered legendary by Long Islanders, the industry and artists alike.

On these 2 nights, we will honor him and his iconic venues with a set of shows, straight out of that time period. Frank will also be presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award on both nights for his contribution to live music on Long Island. The concerts will take place at the newly expanded Mulcahy’s Concert Hall in Wantagh, on two consecutive Saturday’s February 15th and February 22nd. See below for line ups.


Hosted By DJ Fingers and WBAB

ZEBRA (performing ZEBRA LIVE from Sundance in its entirety, celebrating 30 years since its release + The Zep set & fan favorites).
Y&T (“Contagious,” “Summertime Girls,” “Mean Streak,” “Lipstick And Leather”)
DANGER DANGER (“Bang Bang,” “Naughty Naughty,” “Don’t Walk Away”)

Tickets are available today on line at: or

or in person (GA tix only) at The Mulcahy’s Box Office or Looney Tunes in West Babylon

Ticket prices are $39 GA / $49 Elevated VIP / $69 GA 2 Day Pass / Doors Open at 6 on both nights

3232 Railroad Ave
Wantagh NY

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PiercingMetal Thoughts: This is some seriously cool news to see happening but sadly I must admit that I never went to either of these venues back in my own early days of Heavy Metal and Hard Rock formation based on my own vintage. Long Island was not easily trekked to for some of these acts back then since they would do on so late and one did have a curfew to maintain for a few years. Times are different nowadays of course and I feel that some of the younger generation of fans would go to the Moon on a Tuesday night if a band they liked was playing a 2AM set. The lineup reveal is an amazing one for sure and I’d hope that folks planning on hitting one show decide to do the other as well. I wouldn’t delay in getting tickets since Mulcahy’s while large is not massive in space like a Hammerstein Ballroom and will likely be sold out to capacity in short order. It’s too early for me to know if I’d be able to attend for website purposes but I am listing it on our calendar for those of you who live in the region to be reminded about it and entertain a visit to celebrate Mr. Cariola and his legendary venues. Feel free to chime in down in the comments section below. Its always good to hear from the readership.

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    1. Hey Tommy, the information we have is in the post that you are commenting on and as far as tickets go, I imagine that you’d need to purchase one if you’d like to attend. You should reach out to their Facebook Page for Mulcahy’s to see if any contests or such are happening. Hope you have a fun night.

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