Comics Legend Steve Ditko Has Died (1927-2018)

Good morning my dear comic book aficiondos, it’s with great sadness that I am posting these words very early to your Internet streams but the industry has lost another great as the legendary Steve Ditko has passed away. Ditko was 90 years of age and it is believed to have been a heart attack. He was found unresponsive in his apartment several days ago but the news only began circulating last night. Ditko was the co-creator of the Amazing Spider-Man who first appeared in “Amazing Fantasy” #15 and Doctor Strange whose first appearance was in “Strange Tales” #110 Both characters began their eventually historic adventures back in 1963. Stan Lee was the other side of this co-creative coin in case you didn’t already know that. I’ve snagged the two incredible issues down below for you.

marvel comics, comic book covers
“Amazing Fantasy” #15

Considering my vintage, I was not heading to the newsstand to purchase copies of these comic books as they hit the stands but wow do I wish that some relatives has for their own collection since it would have been cool to know more about that exact time in comics history. As I grew up I would of course end up loving the Spider-Man comics and would seek out as many of the earliest issues that I could find and were still affordable when I became a collector. I knew the stories well enough from these little novel sized reprint editions. I think that there were four for “Amazing Spider-Man” in total and each had “6” issues of the classic tales which began with “Amazing Fantasy” #15 (a comic book that is so far out of everyone’s price range now its not funny).

marvel comics, comic book covers
“Strange Tales” #110

I loved Doctor Strange from a very early time as well and there was one of the novels for his tales as well. I should look for them and add in as photos but at the moment I don’t know their exact location in my very out of order library. Now it should be mentioned that Mr. Ditko was not only responsible for these Marvel Commics greats but he also created a whole cabal of characters under the Charlton Universe like Captain Atom and The Question and at DC Comics he gave us The Creeper, Star Man, Shade The Changing Man, The Odd Man and Hawk & Dove. 90 is a good long life to have had but its still sad to lose another legend as we keep scanning the websites wondering who we grew up on was going to be next. Since there is so much more to say about Steve Ditko, I will refer you to his official Wiki entry below since its all there to be absorbed. Thank you for all the years of stupifying visual entertainment and style Mr. Ditko. May you Rest In Peace.

Official Wikipedia:

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