“Come What (Ever) May” (CD/DVD Special Edition) by Stone Sour

Artist: Stone Sour
Title: “Come What (Ever) May (CD/DVD Special Edition)
Label: Roadrunner Records
Release Date: 6/24/2007
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 4/5

I was blown away when I first heard the great Hard Rock melodies by the guys in Stone Sour on their sophomore release Come What (Ever) May, and of course I had expected certain levels of quality to be present since the bands core membership comes from the legendary Slipknot. It was an album that took the Metal world by surprise and since its initial release has achieved Gold status and after less than a year of shelf life gets a Special Edition that brings the fans both extra tracks and a full length DVD concert to enjoy. For those who for some reason still don’t know what this band is all about lets review a little bit – Stone Sour is a full on serious band and not a merely a side project to Slipknots Corey Taylor and James Root. The band is heavy but does not have the same brand of chaos that Slipknot is most known and as result appeals to a wider listener demographic and could would work alongside bands like Deftones and Korn very well. As an album this was a winner from beginning to end and had a number of catchy tracks in “Sillyworld”, “Reborn”, “Through Glass” and many more. They were all very easy to get into and make you either sing aloud or pump your fist into the air. The special edition gives you six more tracks and all the included songs are pretty much along the lines of the rest of the albums content with the best being “Suffer” and “Fruitcake” in my opinion. They deliver a cover of “Wicked Game” and while HIM has already cornered the market on covering that tune the Stone Sour guys did a really nice job on the Chris Issak classic. It closes with a spoken word piece called “The Frozen” which shows Taylor lining out some dramatic dialogue as opposed to singing. Lyrics are provided for everything in the booklet with the exception of the cover and the spoken word piece.

If you don’t have the album already then this is the perfect reason to pick on up because of the additions to the initial release. The bonus DVD could have easily been sold on its own instead of being included as part of the deluxe package. The production and sound on the DVD truly stands high on its own and is loaded with some killer camera angles and close-ups that bring you right into a Stone Sour performance. Giving the buyer the full show was a great idea and I hope that more bands jump on this train as opposed to just giving you one or two tracks. As you would expect the set list covers both of the bands releases and they are quite energetic on the stage and should keep your interest in the film at all times. We also get the four videos that they have released and while they seem to be the censored versions I am unaware of any unedited ones actually existing. The videos that were first done for the release were obviously aimed at the predicted hits from the album. Should you already be the owner of the album and are a little miffed that you will now have two after you purchase the special edition simply solve this problem by giving the original copy to someone you know who you think would enjoy it. You’ll help spread the bands message and seem all the cooler to the person who receives it. This was truly a cool upgrade to an album that I already was placing high on my best of list for the year.

Bonus DVD:
Concert “Live In Moscow, Russia (10/2006): 30/30-150, Orchids, Take A Number, Reborn, Your God, Inhale, Come What (Ever) May, Bother, Through Glass, Blotter, Hell & Consequences, Get Inside.
Videos: 30/30-150, Through Glass, Sillyworld, Made Of Scars.

Track Listing:
1. 30/30 – 150
2. Come What (Ever) May
3. Hell & Consequences
4. Sillyworld
5. Made Of Scars
6. Reborn
7. Your God
8. Through Glass
9. Socio
10. 1st Person
11. Cardiff
12. Zzyxx Rd.
13. Suffer – bonus
14. Fruitcake – bonus
15. The Day I Let Go – bonus
16. Freeze Dry Seal – bonus
17. Wicked Game – bonus
18. The Frozen – bonus

Official Website: www.stonesour.com

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