“City of Lost Souls” (remaster) by Seven Witches

Artist: Seven Witches
Title: “City of Lost Souls” (remaster)
Label: Crash Music
Release Date: 1/24/2006
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 7/10

Crash Music has re-unleashed the early Seven Witches releases on the Metal masses that are hungry for rock solid music and catchy Heavy Metal compositions. Available for the first time in the US the albums featuring axe slinger Jack Frost, the Seven Witches deliver a very inspired sound which might call to mind levels of Overkill based on the vocals of Bobby Lucas. There are times where you would think Blitz is on the record but he is not. The band has a great traditional style that does not come across as dated when you listen to the release (it was originally issued in 2000). Songs like “City Of Lost Souls” and “No Man’s Land” will bring your love of classic Metal right back and along with “The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow” they are geared for fans of Maiden, Priest and Savatage (a band that Frost ended up in for a short time). “We Are The Coven” is a great sing along that has a lot of working elements to make it a worthy anthem. The band has two excellent covers as well with a rendition of Exciter’s “Pounding Metal” which absolutely kicks ass, and “Hell Is for Children” which gets a Heavy Metal makeover that would make Pat Benatar smile at the result.

The line up for the recording is Jack Frost (all guitars), Bobby Lucas (throat), John Osborn (drums) and Billy Mez (bass). The band is solid as Hell I was a little disappointed in the lack of any real worthy extra material to enjoy as I am sure there is a ton of it. They do provide a danceable version of “Pounding Metal” which is weird to say the least. The CD cover art is faithfully reproduced but there is no lyrics provided to any of the songs. There are extensive liner note “thank you’s” from the members of the band and some photos. I enjoyed it for the most part and can say that this is a good release for fans of the pure stuff, raise your fist high for the Seven Witches.

Track Listing:
1. The Question
2. The Answer
3. Witching Hour
4. Atlantis
5. City Of Lost Souls
6. Pounding Metal
7. No Man’s Land
8. Hell Is For Children
9. The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow
10. We Are The Coven
11. Pounding Metal (remix)

Official Web site: www.sevenwitches.net

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