“Chronicles” (deluxe edition) by Rush

Artist: Rush
Title: “Chronicles” (deluxe edition)
Label: Universal Music
Release Date: 3/22/2005
Genre: Progressive Hard Rock
Rating: 5/5

Rush “Chronicles” was the first compilation release to feature studio tracks from the legendary Progressive Rock/Metal band from Canada. Originally issued as a double CD effort, we eventually found the videos for many of the albums tracks coming out as a separate DVD release. As a long time Rush fan I admit that I have both of these items somewhere in my collection so I was very pleased to find them being packaged together for the fans to get their hands on. As a hits package this was a winner from the beginning to end because it made sure to touch upon every one of the bands releases up to the time of its issue. It begins with their first album “Rush” and ends with 1989’s “Presto”. For the new fan this is the perfect primer on thirteen of the bands accomplishments and while the hard core fan might scream about certain omissions, even they will find little difficulty spinning these two CD’s again and again. A number of my own favorites are here for the aural canals from the “Moving Pictures” and “Permanent Waves”, the two albums that made me a fan even though I had first heard them with “2112” and “A Farewell To Kings” a couple of years earlier. I had some other musician friends who were slightly older than me who were already enjoying Rush so they shared the knowledge.

To me Rush is one of those bands that is best enjoyed on an album by album manner, which I also feel about Pink Floyd, but it’s a little easier to digest Rush with single songs sometimes. The “Chronicles” set lets you indulge the musical palate section by section and allows you to go forward from there. With twenty eights tracks to choose from this is more of an Anthology piece than hits package but call it what you like. The end result works out exceedingly well. Rush has continued to release albums and tour even at the point of this writing in early 2011. They are a wonderful experience in concert and they remind us again and again why they are so respected by the fans of Progressive Rock music. Who cares if they are not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame yet. That kind of shit doesn’t take away from the integrity and quality that they have maintained for over four decades. I admit that I hold this release close to my heart even though I wished it had “Marathon” or “Natural Science” on it as well.

DVD: Closer To The Heart, The Trees, Limelight, Tom Sawyer, Red Barchetta, Subdivisions, Distant Early Warning, Red Sector A, The Big Money, Mystic Rhythms, Time Stand Still, Lock And Key, The Enemy Within, Afterimage.
*** Watching these videos took me back to those bygone days of MTV when they actually showed this kind of stuff and while Rush was never really “known” for their videos they were still nice to see. My personal favorites from the film fall to the “Moving Pictures” tunes since this was the album that really brought me into the band. I guess this is the reason it was such a blockbuster of a release. Depending on your level of Rush fandom is how often you will pop this into the DVD player, but it is nice to have and is easily enjoyable.

Packaged in a sleek slipcase, this special edition is wonderful to have in your music library. It puts all the CD’s and the original single DVD edition in one nice place and lets you now have two presents to share with fans or to trade with another music lover. There is an eight page booklet that gives some history notes to you and we find all of the album covers that have songs on the collection presented as well. Surprisingly enough there is no photo of the band members in the booklet but there is a grouping of three photos on the rear of the slipcase. If you own either the first CD only version of “Chronicles” this is a nice upgrade and while there have been a number of other hits packages released since this one, it remains the first and one of the very best in my humble opinion.

Track Listing:
1. Finding My Way
2. Working Man
3. Fly By Night
4. Anthem
5. Bastille Day
6. Lakeside Park
7. 2112 Overture/Temples Of Syrinx
8. What You’re Doing (live)
9. A Farewell To Kings
10. Closer To The Heart
11. The Trees
12. La Villa Strangiato
13. Freewill
14. Spirit Of Radio
15. Tom Sawyer
16. Red Barchetta
17. Limelight
18. A Passage To Bangkok (live)
19. Subdivisions
20. New World Man
21. Distant Early Warning
22. Red Sector A
23. The Big Money
24. Manhattan Project
25. Force Ten
26. Time Stand Still
27. Mystic Rhythms (live)
28. Show Don’t Tell

Official Website: www.rush.com

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