“Christmas Spirits” (Single) by Sonata Arctica

Artist: Sonata Arctica
Title: “Christmas Spirits”
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Release Date: 12/18/2015
Genre: Holiday Heavy Metal
Rating: 4/5

Finland’s Sonata Arctica are going to be fighting the Krampus with some serious Holiday Heavy Metal thanks to their “Christmas Spirits” single. Before I examine it, here’s what the band had to say about offering up this tune for those Metal Stockings that are hung by the chimneys of the world;

“”Hello everyone out there! Christmas is just around the corner so we decided to cheer you all up with a nice Christmas story. “Decided” might be a bit strong in this context since the ‘Christmas Spirits’ song has been around for about ten years now, we just never had the time to record it. Finally during the Pariah’s Child sessions we managed to do the basic tracks and this autumn we finished the song. I guess the main reason for the delay was getting the lyrics done, it’s nearly impossible to get into the Christmas mood unless it’s actually… you guessed it, Christmas. Hats off to Tony since he did it anyway, this autumn, and without any snow, we might add. Be that as it may, here’s our latest piece of art: ‘Christmas Spirits’! Merry Christmas to everyone & cheers,“

The tune starts out as a tale being told by an elder before kicking into gear and I loved the overall drive of the track since it was the Sonata Arctica that we all know and love in terms of how it flows. The song finds Santa Claus looking for his missing elves who discovered some magical Christmas Tea and well, let’s just say that they were having a grand old time as a result. It’s clever for sure and a whole lot of fun especially when the rousing chorus comes up. It’s enough to find you dancing in a circle around your own holiday tree. Once Santa finds the elves its back to the work at hand and then Grandfather finishes the story and its off to bed for the little ones. Since I am someone who enjoys the Holiday Heaviness that is the Trans-Siberian Orchestra I really got a kick out of Sonata Arctica’s Christmas offering. It’s a nice way to celebrate the holidays when you have another Metal band’s tune to add to your seasonal playlist. If you like Sonata, I’d say do look into this tune for sure. It’s not something you will hate. My hope is that they do another one for the holidays going forward. It’s a special thing for sure and not uncommon nowadays with all the digital servicing. Oh yeah, this is ONLY available as a digital download so it can go right to your cloud. Merry Christmas my friends or as the Finnish would say “”Hyvää Joulua”.

1. Christmas Spirits
2. Christmas Spirits (radio edit)
3. Christmas Spirits (orchestral)

Official Website: http://www.sonataarctica.info

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