Chip Baker Films: “Rolling Stone: Life and Death Of Brian Jones”

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Before I get into this next one, I simply have to say how much I enjoy having made a heavy emphasis into our Pop Culture side of the fence because discussing movie trailers and television programs that interconnect to my musical forays is something I have always loved to talk about. We’ve got a lot more of this coming in the brand new year we have recently arrived in and now comes this new documentary from Chip Baker Films about the late Brian Jones, who was an original member of the Rolling Stones. Let’s check this one out down below.

The Story: A documentary about the events in the life of Rolling Stone legend Brian Jones that lead to his death.

The Cast:
Keith Altham as Himself
Phill Brown as Himself
Sam Cutler as Himself
Chris Farlowe as Himself
Roxanne Fontana as Herself
Richard Hattrell as Himself
Brian Jones as Himself (archive footage)
Scott Jones as Himself
Stash Klossowski as Himself
Gered Mankowitz as Himself
Barbara Anna Marion as Herself
Phil May as Himself
Pamela Mayall as Herself
Terry O’Neill as Himself
Graham Ride as Himself
Chris Salewicz as Himself
Volker Schlöndorff as Himself
Cleo Sylvestre as Herself
Dick Taylor as Himself
Simon Wells as Himself
Stephen Woolley as Himself
Zouzou as Herself

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Piercing Ken Thoughts: I was far too young to know much about Brian Jones when he died but I did grow up with the music of the Rolling Stones being very important to me. That makes this documentary something that I hope to see when its out in the theaters or hitting one of the streaming services. Things like this often hit the IFC Center or a limited Fathom Events run so I need to keep my ears open and eyes peeled. Brian Jones was only 27 when he died and now there are many who say there was a conspiracy around his death but who knows. I enjoyed this trailer and think the subsequent film could be some compelling stuff. What did you think about it? Chime in down below in the comments section. See you next time.

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